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I wanted to blog about Salon Vim but...Bree accidentally deleted the photos so I have not photos of myself at Salon Vim and with my trusty stylist Katherine because it's deleted! :'(
Bree thought that I had copied the pictures over, but I didn't copy everything!!
Ahhhhh ~ and my camera died before I could snap any pictures at Salon Vim bleah.

But I'll try to show some before and after photos!! :) 
So previously, I had purple streaks and brown hair which looked like this: 

 And I changed it to Ash 2 color!! :D
It's a little ombre at the ends because Katherine suggested me to do a slightly ombre effect, which turned out quite nicely! :) 

My purple streaks are gone and are replaced by Ash color!
My base is Ash 2 and the streaks are lighter than that. :)

Took some photos the day after to show the pretty streaks and the new color!
This new color is darker than my previous color. :)

Loveee my new hair hehe.
I never fail to be amazed by my hair every time I go to Salon Vim hehe.
I am using two new Keratase products, but I don't have the photos cos it's deleted from the camera but I'll try to IG it when I am back from Aussie!!

And because I don't have photos from that day on my camera, I'll kope the photos from Bree's blog hehe. 

Love my sis haha the other day I had a mini declaration of my love for her on IG, and she replied to say I was on sugar rush is it so sweet. -.- I AM SWEET ALL THE TIME (okay most of the time haha OKAY maybe sometimes lah but you know I am sweet to you even though I scream at you hahaha ;))

And Bree is really getting quite good at making retarded faces with me hehe.

I think I look like a eh monkey?!!! 
Therefore I'll downsize the photo so that you don't laugh out too loud at it hahaha.


OTD on Monday! 

Dress: TCL Paperbag Courtney Dress in Black
Bag: Candy Bag in Yellow (upcoming!)
Necklace: All that Glitz Necklace in Cobalt (upcoming!)
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell

If you have been a fan of TCL for a while, you'll know that I really really loveeee this paperbag courtney dress because I have it in almost ALL colors except for daffodil and coral HAHA.
I have it in cobalt, black, off-white and magenta hehe. 
It's soo easy to match and wear!
Thinking of bringing it back in prints for CNY hehe. ;)


 This pretty necklace comes in yellow too! :)

The bag seen below comes in yellow, pink, black and blue!!
It's such a cute and mini tote for hehe. 

Sunday's OTD!

Top: TCL Asymmetrical Top in Pastel Mint (launched)
Bottom: Floral Picking Shorts in Blue 
Sandals: H&M
Bag: Grand Heir Bag in Monochrome (launched, backorders up!)   


Bree was off to BKK over the weekend so I headed to the supplier's myself and got my nails done!! Hehe. 

Top: TCL Railway Bf Shirt in Off-White 
Skirt: Bershka 
Heels: ASOS

 If you have noticed, I have been wearing my white nautical watch from Bree and matching it with Merry Charm bracelet and a C&K ring hehe. 

Getting inspired by silver accessoriesss. ;) 

And tadahhh!! Here are my cupcakes nails! <3 <3 
SO CUTE right!!! Hehehe. 

Wednesday in TCL sweetheart maxi dress in white!! LOVEEE it. :D

Dress: TCL Sweetheart Maxi Dress in White (backorders opened!)
Outerwear: H&M
Shoes: Topshop


 Spammed photos with Bree again hehehe.
Bree was ignoring me so I posed by myself HAHA. 

Another photo of my bun! The thing about having streaks on your hair is when you tie it up, it'll look really nice. :) 


Last OTD!

Dressed up in TCL Gossip Girl Top in White after digging it out from my luggage HAHAHA. 
I have like 5 luggages of clothes AND I'll be getting down to selling them off when I am back. :)

Top: TCL Gossip Girl Top 
Bottom: Topshop
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell 
Bag: Pony Embellished Satchel (launched!)

The cute ponyyyyy satchel! Hehehe. 

These heels are mega comfy hehehe. 

Ending off with a few selcas again! :p

Sorry my hair is in a complete mess here!!
But you can see the streaks more clearly now. :)

 I am off to Aussie for 10 days!
Be back in 10 days and I'll be posting updates on my IG! :D 

Enjoy the week ahead! (:

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