10:28 AM

Helloooooo!! I am finally back from my Oz trip! Hehehe. 
Back with a short post before blogging about my Oz trip! :) 

So I woke up feeling like wearing denims and here I am wearing denims on denims!
BUTTT I didn't realize that one button from my jacket had already dropped off! ):
And it was my FIRST TIME wearing it zzzzz. 
I can't even bring it to exchange because I bought this in UK. ): 

Top: Supre
Jacket: Bershka
Bottom: ASOS
Heels: Payless

Loveeee colors on my outfit! :)
And I think I put on weight just after being in Sydney for one week omggg.
Look at my chubbier cheeks!!! :(

 Hehehe. Selcaaaa time. :)
Still loving my hair color from Salon Vim!!


Couldn't resist keeping this gorgeous dress when I saw it in the office!
Along with campbell heels in white hehehe.

Accessory: Upcoming black clutch


I love how printed dresses will instantly glam up your outfit hehehe.
Especially black and white prints! :) 
For reference, I wore size XS and altered the length to make it shorter! 

We were starving when we finally managed to grab dinner because I waited for about an hour at Starhub to replace my sim card which I stupidly lost when I was in Oz zzz. ANDDD I had such a bimbotic bert moment which resulted in Bree and Mel were laughing their asses off at me!!!! ):

And here is a picture of my mini bump on my head cos I walked into the metal barriers of the shop while trying to insert my oz simcard into the card folder. -.- 
And yes my laugh lines / wrinkles are getting more obvious even though I am only 23 years old!!! :'( 
WHY AM I SUCH A BIMB (sometimes) hahaha. :(

Yummy tuna! I love tuna hehe.

Please order this when you are dining at ichiban! It's damn goood!! :)

Inari sushi which is sweet! 

So-so fried calamari hahaha. 

And Bree and I shared this set!
It comes with beef slices! :D

Bree ordered the sashimi below but I didn't quite like it!
Too fishyy. ): 

Took some photos with Bree! :)
She's currently in love with her hat, everyday I see her in this hat hahaha. (almost)

And random but I thought these office slippers were really cute?!!!

Off to settle some manufacture designs with Bree!
A long dayy tomorrow, but happy weekends everybody!! :D

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