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Back to blog about my Oz trip in two parts!
Shall blog about the Melbourne trip first since I headed to Melbourne first! :)

If you are looking for budget flights, Jetstar flies to Melbourne!
I actually took the newer Jetstar plane which came with an (omg) inflight entertainment system which of course you had to pay to use it!! 

I joined my friends halfway through their Oz trip and met up with them at Melbourne!
Silly me didn't know that there was an international and domestic terminal and waited at the international side for them -.- 
Thank goodness they found me!!! 

We rented a car and made our way down to Mornington! :)
Stopped along the way to grab lunch!
Oz has been known for their fragrant soap, so we couldn't resist getting some when we saw them hehe.  


This ham and cheese wrap was actually pretty goooood. :)

 And off we went to our apartment!
We had to drive quite deeply into Mornington but this apartment is AMAZZZZINGGG.
They have full length glass windows and it overlooks the sea!
Really awesome sunrise/ sunset view. :)

 Everyone buzzing around taking photos of the apartment and being wow-ed by it hahaha.

The owner of the apartment has a pretty good taste for furniture. ;) 

And they had a turntable in the apartment!!! :D
We played oldies ~~

And this was the view I saw when I woke up earlier to skype Glen.
Breathtaking view right? ;) 

 We headed to a honey farm the next day! When the skies were still bright and shiny haha.
It rained quite often and it was really windy on some days!

They had tons of honey related gifts! Hehhee.
So cute!!!! 

Of course I couldn't resist buying some of these manuka honey back!
It's really expensive in Singapore, one bottle can cost about 50 SGD?

They even allowed us to taste the different range of honey!! :)

 We headed to mornington beach to view the pretty fisherman huts!
The weather was incredibly good, so a good day for pictures! Hehehe. 

 With fellll the great cook!
She cooked for us pasta, steak etc etc THANK YOU FELLLLLL. <3

 Kel looking fashionista here. ;)

I love the huts!! They are sooo pretty and colorful!
Brightens up the beach. :) 

Hehe the super cute couple Fel and Dave! :) 

And I wanted to take a shot with this hut and all of them went "Ooooh otd moment!!" and I got shy and started laughing so Fel and Dave posed with me instead HAHAHA.

With the girls khym and fel! :)

And we decided to have some fun by emulating the picture painted HAHAHA.
In case you can't tell, I AM THE TREEE LOLLL.

Kel and Khym acting emo hehehe.

And....they decided to emulate my OTD shots which resulted in a series of whacky photos (to me because they are trying out my OTD poses HAHAHA.
See if you can recognize some of the poses? ;) 
My friends are all so cute omggg hahaha.

I finally took a proper OTD shot with this super cool Alfredo-looking hut!! Wooh! :)
I look tiny here hehee. 

We stopped by a winery for the day too, near the Yarra valley! (I think hahaha)

Keep calm and drink moscato hehhh. 
It was really cheap!
$150 AUD for a dozen bottles! :)

We stopped by a restaurant for dinner!
It wasn't very good and I thought that it was overpriced but we were all hungry and famished so we made do with it hahaha.
The place looked pretty cozy and nice though!

Team photo! Missing dave cos he was the photographer hahaha.

Yes I am a sucker for vongole so I had to try their vongole which...wasn't good bleahhh.

That's mornington for you! :)

Central Melbourne resembles a little like Europe IMO because of the buildings! 
I included some addresses for some places if I could find them! :) 
This is one of their train stations!

Stopped by The Cupcake Bakery for some cupcakes! :)

Snag Stand
Cnr La Trobe & Swanston St
Melbourne VIC 3000

This Snag Stand store serves REALLY REALLY REALLLYYYY good fries with truffle avioli sauce! It's located at Melbourne central!

This photo is blurr but it's their pretty popular chilli cheese fries! 
But I think that the fries with truffle sauce is wayyyy better than this hahaha.

Cutiepie Khym looking so happy with good food! Heh.

214 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000
We also stopped by Brunetti before dinner! :) 
They serve really good-looking and yummy-looking desserts heh.
All of them look sooo good?!! 

And I heard that a franchise opened up in Tanglin mall, so go check it out!!! :D

I tried the jam fancy blackcurrent and apricot! Yummmyyy.
 Trying out Fel's butterfly shades here hehehe.

University Cafe & Restaurant
Carlton, VIC 5053

Just chilling outside University cafe hahahaha with supposedly retarded faces which only Dave and Fel made HAHA.

And once again... (I know I am boring), I tried the vongole!
And it was YUMMMYYY woooh!!! Love it when I taste good vongole hahaha. (Y)(Y)(Y)

We headed to Great Ocean Road on one of the days!! :)
We rented a car to drive up and the roads were really winding BUT the view was amazinggggg.
Melbourne's scenery can be really picturesque. :') 

With the girls. :)

Leaving footprints in the sand hehehe. 
 And we spotted a rainbow in the sky!! <3 <3
I can't really capture it but it was soo beautiful. :) 

Fel and I enjoying the wind in our hair! Hehehe.

We actually went to other places like burger joints, Chinese food restaurant, Queen's Victoria Market but I didn't take any photos because it was just toooo cold to take photos. :(

But I hope this entry gives you some insight on where to go in Melbourne! :)

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  1. Hi ber, yr mornington apartment looks fab. Can share the name and contacts? Thanks.


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