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A short mini post before I head off to dinner with Glen and his family! :) 
So Bree bought a new DSLR for better quality photos so that they look nicer to our readers and more professional looking so... here are some photos we took last week before she flew off!

 Top: Eyelet Box Tee (personal piece)
Shoes: New Look
Bag: TCL Duo Tone Monochrome Bucket Bag (upcoming)

Haha photo bombed by a mum and her kid. :p

Lovee our manufactured bag to bits!! :D 
It's black on one side and white on the other side, so you can use it both ways!
Hehehe. Such a brilliant idea right?!!

Bree and I having some fun with the dslr! :D

I am a bird and I can fly HAHAHA. Bet Glen will laugh when he sees this hahaha.

With the sis who's happily away in Europe!
Miss you sis! <3


Also coming up in tomorrow's collection, our tribal dungaree will finally be launched!!
This design is actually Zara inspired. ;) 

The prints were really hard to find and we were soo happy when our supplier managed to get it! :) 

Top: TCL Railway Boyfriend shirt in Off-White
Bottom: *Premium* TCL Tribal Dungaree
Sandals: Zara

Pricing will be a little on the high side, but I can assure you that the quality and cut is fabb!! (y)(y)
I love how easy it is to match dungarees!
Just throw over a casual top, easy peasy!


And I also wore this in Sydney, if you have been following my instagram! :)
Omg this was taken when I was 3kg lighter!! 
I have actually put on 3 kg ever since. :OO

If you remember we previously had our highly raved wonderlust abstract peplum top! 
Because the prints are too nice, we made it in jeans too!!

Super comfy okay!! Hahaha. 

Top: F21
Bottom: *Premium* TCL Wonderlust Abstract Jeans 

Close-up of the prints! :) 

Our second part of the lookbook and sneaks are now upppp on facebook! :)
Can't wait to launch the pretty collection tomorrow! me for any queries!

Will be back with tons of updates soon!
Have quite some backlog to clear oopsss.

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