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Posting a mini OTD + Dimsum post! :)

Wore this pretty printed top out to meet the suppliers last week! :)
Last few pieces are still available on TCL! 

Bottom: Bershka
Heels: Forever New

Loveee the pretty prints!
It's color exclusive to TCL too!
Printed tops are best to pair with simple colored bottoms. :)

Sorry about my slanted necklace heh. :p


Donned on a flora parka over my worn-to-death TCL Eyelet top in White and a casual denim HWS! :) 
Flora Parka is now on backorders!

Top: TCL Eyelet Top in White
Bottom: Primark 
Sandals: ASOS

I am not really a big fan of parkas unlike Bree, but I think that it adds some character to your outfit! :) 
Oh and we have a super chio manufactured sleeveless parka coming uppppp!!
Bree was so excited when she saw the stocks hahaha.

Close-up of the prints! :)

And yes I did Lil Miss Sunshine and Mr Bump nails!!! Hehehe. 

Bree and I took some photos against the colorful stripes on Mel's Mini Cooper!

Hehehe I am a rabbit! :)

<3 you Sis!
Even though you didn't enjoy Taiwan, but I am pretty sure you'll enjoy your Europe trip!!
Spent quite some time planning for it SO BETTER ENJOY THE TRIP hahaha.

Met my girls for Rui Chun Dimsum!! Woooh! :)

With twin and Vette! Both of them are so cuteee. 

With Rach!! And she cut her pretty long hair. :((

Haha Vette and twin trying to look as slim as possible HAHA.

Gonna just spam photos of the food now because I have been to Rui Chun a number of times already!
My favorite will be their steam pork ribs! :)

Oh this is really goood too!! :)

We spent about 2 hours talking about random happenings and I am really glad that I found these group of special people in university! If you are currently a freshmen who went through FASS arts camp, I hope that you forge strong bonds with your friends like I did! :) 


You can tell that I love prints right hahaha. 
Wore our color exclusive Serenade Fleur Romper! :)

Bag: In Love with Ribbons Box Bag in Mint
Heels: Payless
My favorite half-body shot, so that my chubs face can't be seen! :( 
Glen calls me chubs now because I have put on soo much weight on my face omggggg.
Time to go running!!! Bleahh. 

I matched the romper with a colored belt so that the colors will pop! :)

And special thanks to my friend Beixi for getting me this specialized gold bracelet! :)
It has my name Bertilla on it heheheeee.

We have some last pieces available in limited sizes on our website!
It is also stocked at MIYOC Jcube! :)


And an OTD featuring a top and a jeans launching tomorrow!!
Soooo in love with this top! :)
If you remember, I wore a similar piece a while back to Salon Vim! 
We manufactured it in a thicker chiffon and made it longer too!

Top: TCL Bliss Flutter Top in Off-White
Jeans: TCL Sugar Rush Floral Jeans in Cream 
Bag: Sunday Best Tote in Camel 
Heels: New Look

And our popular Sugar Rush Floral prints make a comeback in jeans!!! :D
It comes in two colors, blue and cream, from sizes XS - XL!
There'll definitely be one size for you hehehe.

I have actually started to like wearing jeans instead of shorts because I think jeans are nicer to pair with heels AND it's really easy to match with printed tops or simple tops! :) 

Plus you won't need to worry about your shorts being too short hahaha. :p

This pretty top comes in four colors!
Off-white, peach, daffodil and cobalt! :)

Sunday Best tote in Camel! :) 

Our lookbook for tomorrow' collection is also up on facebook! :)
We have 5 X $30 TCL Vouchers to be given away, so start liking and sharing our lookbook now! Hehehe. 

Some of my favorite photos are here! 
Check out the rest of the collection on our facebook:

Okay I am off to work on the launch tomorrow!
Stay tuned to facebook and mailers for a special discount code for tomorrow's launch too! ;))

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