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Finally got down to blogging about my surprise visit to Sydney! :)
I headed to Sydney to surprise Glen! Heh.
Yes I celebrate monthsary and anniversary!
Of course I don't think it is necessary to celebrate every month but I personally think that the first month and every year thereafter is important! :)

So after booking the tickets, I had to think of a way to disappear from my phone while I was on the flight! 
At first I wanted to tell him that I was going on an overseas work trip but I checked the flights and there were no outgoing flights around 2am. ): 

So I collaborated with my sis and Elaine to deceive Glen hahaa.
Haha I think my plan worked out quite well because he thought I was pissed with him for playing FIFA. :p
Basically I asked Elaine to ask the boys to play FIFA because I know when Glen plays FIFA he'll lose track of time, and in the meantime I'll tell him that I wasn't feeling well and had to sleep early! ;) 

Anyway, the plan was a success and Glen was realllly surprised! :D
Elaine managed to capture a small video!

Was sooo glad that he was surprised and the best part of this surprise is seeing his shocked and happy expressions hehe. :) 

Anyway, we didn't manage to travel around Sydney much this trip because I came unexpectedly!
We still managed to visit a few cafes / restaurants tho! :) 

All cafes/ restaurants are highly recommended by Elaine and she has already set up her gourmet blog with a friend so go check it out nowww!
It features food places from London and Australia. :D


1. Three Blue Ducks
141 - 143 Macpherson St
Bronte NSW 2024

We went to the restaurant for dinner and it was too dark to take natural looking photos! ):
As usual, sorry I can't remember the names of the dishes we ordered. :\
I should just write it down in my phone next time hahaha. 
But...luckily their website shows the menu so the names are written down for most of the dishes! 

Just to let you know, the owners actually have a book of their own!  
You can find it on their website. :)

This restaurant serves fusion dishes, and because I am not very used to fusion dishes, I didn't quite like some dishes!
But the quality of the food is amazing. (y)(y)(y) 

This is something like roti prata + mussels in chili and lemon grass sauce. 

Burgerrrrr with cheese = Cheeseburger (HAHA Glen is going to say I am so retarded.)

Chawanmushi with crab and corn.
I couldn't really appreciate this dish because I would rather have chawanmushi on its own!
But a clever fusion nonetheless!

Yeap, we couldn't miss out on OYSTERSSS hehehe.

Duck with chili jam, mushroom and greens.
Pretty good! Glen loved it haha.

Pork ribs with radish and apple salad.
This was a little too much for one person like me haha.
I didn't like the salad but Ben and Elaine both loved it!
They finished ALL of the salad hahaha.

I can't remember what is this but I think it should be pressed lamb shoulder with peas, bacon and sweet onions!

I think this is snapper ceviche! :)

If you were wondering how we took the photos...HAHA we used the light from Ben's camera to shine on the dishes! ;)


2. Devon Cafe 
76 Devonshire St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

On the flight to Sydney I read about this cafe in Scoot's Magazine!
Elaine recommended it too so of course we had to try it hehe! :D 

Goofing around with Glen in his shades which I obviously cannot carry it off hahaa.

Managed to snap an OTD while we waited to be seated! :) 

Top: TCL Darling Floral Top in Orange Florals 
Bottom: TCL Crochet Trimming Denim Shorts 
Outerwear: H&M
Sandals: ASOS
Bag: Balenciaga

I think Australian cafes like to write their menus / specials on chalkboards hahaha.

The back of their menu is pretty cool right! Hahaha. 

It was a weekday afternoon but there were quite a lot of people in the cafe!

Cam-whoring with Glen while we were waiting as well! :D

And one with Elaine!
So happy that she finally set up her food blog because she really knows the BEST places for food hahaha. ;)

We finally got our seats after waiting for about 20 minutes! 
The interior of the cafe is pretty awesome! 
There's graffati on the walls but it still feels cosy and nicee! :)
Haha the boys had to wait for both Elaine and I to finish snapping photos of the food / place before they could start eating! :p 

Their hot chocolate which came with a surprise! :) 

Ben and his chai latte (I think hahaha).

Elaine trying to take a video of Ben pouring the tea! ;)

And this is Elaine's favorite! 
It's a super popular drink at Devon Cafe - Affogato!
If you are a fan of coffee, you have to order this. ;)


I am sorry I can't remember some of the names of the dishes ordered. :(
Will try to take down the names on my phone next time!
But food in Australia is generally fresher! :)

This is Surry. H Urban Ploughman!
Comes with cured meat, sourdough and loads of greens! :)

This was so yummy! According to Ben and Elaine heh.

Salmon and egggg.

My burger with fries! :)

Sorry can't remember what's this. :(
But looks damn good right hehe.

Look at the amount of food on our table hahaa.
Yeap we always order quite a bit, which is why I have put on almost 4kg since I first went to Australia!!! :o :o :o


3. Cafe Sopra Fratelli Fresh
Shop 8, 16 Hickson Rd Walsh Bay, 2000 

I have previously blogged about this place in my first Sydney post! ( :)
Met Kakin for dinner and we decided to bring him there!

It was raining so heavily and I decided to wear a beanie and scarf!

Looking all snugly and warm hehe.

I ordered Osso Buco this time!
I am going to try to learn to make this HAHA.

Glen ordered...sorry I can't remember the name, but it was pasta with scallops! :)

Some of our favorite desserts! :)

Picture with Kakin!
This guy is amazing hahaha. Every time when we meet up he's bound to say something funny that will make all of us laugh. 
Some things really don't change. :')

One with Glen, who's also wearing a beanie! :)


4. Bread & Circus
21 Fountain St, Alexandria NSW 2015

This place serves really awesome and fresh food! 
Their food is mainly greens, which can be quite hard for people who don't really like to eat vegetables!
But hey, vegetables are healthy and you shouldn't miss out on good food, so why miss out on this place? ;)

They update their menu daily on their website! :D

Yes they sell fresh vegetables and fruits! :) 

Sneaked a picture of Glen on his phone. :p

<3 <3
Love spending lazy days like this with him. :)

We ordered this really delicious plate of... (I am so sorry I can't remember the name) eggs salad? (I THINK!!!)

I ordered a sandwich box that came with bread, avocado, tomatoes and organic chicken! :)
You can tell that there's a whole lot of greens in this. :p

 Glen ordered a beef sandwich box! :)

I like to take table shots of our meals now if I can. :)

Taking pictures with Glen whenever I can! 
We can only take pictures when we see each other every few months, so these pictures are really precious because we don't have many shots together! :'(

I attempted to take an OTD shot which...

Resulted in this HAHAHA. But anyway, details of my OTD can be found here:


5. Suminoya Japanese BBQ Restaurant
1 Hosking Place, NSW 2000

This place is THE PLACE to go for buffets!!!!
You really need to go on an empty stomach hahaha.
For about 55 AUD, you can get unlimited flow of beef (wagyu, beef tongue etc), sashimi, kimchi and moreeeeee.

BUT you are limited to a period of 1.5hours but I think it's more than enough hahaha.
By the time 1 hour is up, you should be half dead already. :p 

They have these really cool steel smoke extractors to direct the smoke up.
Not like it really helps actually LOLL.

Our foodie partners Ben and Elaine!
They really have such a big appetite it's amazing they are still pretty slim hahaha.

And the feast begins!!!
This is the first time I tried beef tongues and it was sooo good?!!!

Never-ending plates of sashimi hahaha.


Wagyu beef!! 

This was some raw beef with eggs, which Glen totally loved but I was neutral about it hahaha. 
Sometimes the fire gets a little too hot! :p 

FOOOOOOODDDD.   And this was just round one haha. We had two rounds + ice cream for dessert!!

Glen was dying by the time we finished hahaha. We were really soo full after dinner!

Highly recommend this place for those who'll like a good buffet! :) 


7. Zushi Restaurant
2A/285A Crown St., Surry Hills

Zushi serves popular sushi rolls (something similar to Shiok Maki) like ocean roll etc.! 
It was quite dark in the restaurant so I couldn't take proper looking photos sorry! ):
Will just post whatever pics I have okay!

This sushi and sashimi platter was (Y)(Y)!

Ending off with a table picture! :)

That's all for my recent Sydney trip!
Glen and I plan to go on a longer Australia trip next year so hopefully I'll be able to blog about more places next time! :) 

Enjoy your weekends everybody while I enjoy my last day with Glen before he flies back to Sydney tomorrow. :'( 

Ending this post with a photo I put together of Glen and I which I really really like. :)
To many more months and years ahead ding dong! <3 

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