Hundred and Eight.

6:11 AM

Okay so I have managed to edit the photos taken over the first week! 
Haha I still have 10001 photos to go through....omgzzzzz.
I'll list the places I go in no particular order and will also include the addresses wherever I can! 
We didn't really plan on which places to go in Sydney so there is no fixed itinerary hahaha.

 Happy us at Changi airport before boarding the plane heh.

 Sneaked a photo in the air before we landed in Sydney!
Such a gorgeous and peaceful sight of clouds in the clear blue sky. 
The flight to Sydney was about 8 hours! :)

1. The Winery 
285A Crown St, Surry Hills
NSW 2010

It was my first time at this restaurant located in Surry Hills! I didn't manage to get fantastic shots of the place, so I hopped over to their website and grabbed the image below haha.

The signage covered in foliage!

I am always intrigued by the interior design of the cafes in Oz!
They are so different from the ones in Singapore! ):

Mandatory menu shots. 

Glen's happy to be back in Oz! Hahaha.  

Sukhi and Kara, two gorgeous people! :)

My photo with Glen is in b/w because we were seated back facing the light. Boo.  

I ordered their mussels with bread!
The bread is...mediocre haha. 
And their mussels, not the best that I had! The best ones I have had are still the ones at Brown Sugar. 

Glen's steak with fries! Not that good too! I thought that the food here would be pretty good but it wasn't that great. Ambiance was awesome though!  

 My OTD for the day! 

Bottom: ASOS
Shoes: New Look

I LOVE MY LEATHER JACKET hahaha. Been wearing it soo many times and you know, leather jackets just oompf up every outfit!

Well, Bree and I discussed and we thought that it'll be nice to give out discount codes to our readers for some TCL products if you read our blogs!

So here's a discount code for 10% off this leather jacket! It expires on 14/3/14, 2359! Quote <BERTSBLOG> to enjoy the discount hehe.

And one with the boyfie, in a leather jacket too! Oh but his is from ASOS hahaha. 

2. Devon Cafe
76 Devonshire St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

Not the first time I have been here, and I make sure I visit this cafe every time I head to Oz! :)

We managed to get a seat without having to wait for too long. Yay for being early. 
 Tried their milk shake this time! Glen had ice chocolate milk shake and mine was a fruity milk shake with yoghurt, berries and honey! Quite yummy but well I obviously prefer BBT hahahaha. :p

The iced chocolate comes topped with an ice-cream! 

 Mine looks reallllly berri-fied loll. 

   Selfie with Glen as usual! I'll try to caption the photos to make them more interesting (hopefully!!). Please skip the captions if it is too boring for you hahhaha.

Me: Dah smile at the camera
G: Nope.

Me: Dah smile at the camera?!!
G: Nope. 

G: Ogayy. *slight smile*

 Whoop! Glorious fooood.

 I ordered breakfast with Sakumas! The salmon was greattt.

Glen tried yotam' scotch egg! There was minced lamb, quail eggs, sourdough and plenty of vegetableeees. 

Devon never disappoints so do check it out if you are heading to Sydney!
But I just saw on their facebook that they have removed breakfast with sakumas from their menu. :(

Anyway, here's my OTD for the day!

Top: Topshop
Shoes: New Look

I love wearing such overalls hahaha. Makes me feel like a minion for the day!
Anyway, we have manufactured dungarees coming uppp so look out for them okay! 


 Double teehee. <3

 3. Cafe Sopra at Fratelli Fresh 
Walsh Bay, Shop 8, 16 Hickson Road, NSW 2000

Fratelli fresh is also another of our favorite food places! 
It's located near the river and you can take a nice walk down the rocks if the weather permits!



Selfie! Good lighting day haha. I think I was wearing a topshop lipstick here! 

The photos of our food didn't turn out too nice because we were seated under a red umbrella and the sun was shining brightly that day! All my photos have a tinge of red. :(

Here's their braised lamb neck pasta!! Glen loved it!
Well he really likes lamb, but I tried it and thought it was good too heh.

My crispy polenta!
Which was yummy on the first bite, but gradually it became too gelat for me. :\
It was a refreshing dish for me though because I have never tried something like this before! 


Sweet panna cotta with yoghurt! :)
It comes with this fruit (which I have no idea what it is) and nuts!

After lunch, the weather was good so we took a walk down circular quay and the rocks! :)

Sydney harbour bridge in all its splendor. 
Why are their skies sooo blue?!!! 

And here I am trying to attempt an OTD shot with the wind blowing at my face...and obviously I failed haha. I couldn't stop laughing. 

I think I tried at least 10 times for an otd shot and gave up in the end LOL.

Say cheeseeee! 

Underneath the's massive right?! 

A shadow shot of us! Hahha. 

And a shot of Sydney opera house!

We walked towards the rocks and omg the wind was just howling away hahaha.
Which explains my expression in the photo below! :p

I found a few quaint shops along the rocks!
There was a shop that sold hats and another one that sold...buttons?!! 

They have really pretty buildings right? 
Spot the lanterns hanging up on the ceiling for one of the cafes! 

Ventured into an alley..
 and found a nice otd spot! 

Top: Primark
Outerwear: Similar piece as seen on *Premium* TCL Distressed Denim Jacket
Shoes: ASOS

Yay good hair day!
I have been using babyliss to curl my hair and some days my hair is curled nicely, but some days it doesn't. :(

Close-up of our super chio crochet shorts.
Please hand wash these shorts!! 

And that concludes the first part of my post on Oz!
Will be back to update the rest of the trip again soon hehe. 

TGIF peopleee!! 

Psst: Anyone watches suits? The first episode of season 4 is coming out tonight in the states!! YIPEEE. 

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