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Hello! I am currently having my hair done at Salon Vim, shall do abit of blogging while I am here!
Did you know that there's free wifi at Somerset 313? Haha I never knew too! 

Anyway, I am updating about our 2d1n trip to Hunter Valley! :) 
Hunter Valley was about a 3 hour ride from Sydney! 
We made our bookings only on the weekend before we left haha. 
So you don't really have to book in advance! 

A snapshot of the bridge we had to pass on the way to Hunter Valley! The weather was so gloomy when we left and we were quite worried that there will be thunderstorm etc but surprisingly, the weather was sooo good at Hunter Valley! 

On the way to our guest house, we spotted kangaroos! 

For our accommodation, we stayed at Peppers Guest House!

Peppers Guest House
Ekerts Road, Pokolbin
NSW, 2320

There are actually plenty of accommodation available in Hunter Valley, but we chose this because it was recommended by Sukhi! A pity the weather was too hot to really wander around, but the views were gorgeous! 

 The polite lady at the reception! 

 Haha Glen acting cute here heh.

The walkway to our room!

The room was cosy, clean and huge!

It was nice to have a big and clean toilet, complete with toiletries! 

The bed is so comfyyyy. We brought along his laptop so that we could watch a movie if there was time!

Anyway, Hunter Valley is known for their wineries! The wines sold are mostly made at their vineyards, so you can expect really good quality wines! 

We arrived past 1pm on the first day and missed the half-day winery tour. So we booked the half-day winery tour the next day, and decided to go for horse riding in the evening instead! :)

Since we had time before the horse riding tour, we took a walk around the guest house!
Came across this garden with picture frames hanging from the trees hahaha.

There was this part with bare trees! It would have been really nice if the sun wasn't so hot. :)

The view of our guest house from where we were.

So pretty right!

They had these lovely blue flowers planted around the guest house!

I have no idea what Glen was doing LOLLL.

They have really nice gardens around the guest house! :)

A shot with Glen! :) 

OTD shot for Glen hahahaa.
His whole outfit is from ASOS! ;)

Here's my OTD shot!

Shoes: New Look 

Love colorblocking, all day errrday! Hahaha.

After the walk, we watched a movie and went for our horse riding tour! :) 
There are two horse riding tours in Hunter Valley if I am not wrong, and we booked the nearest one! You can book via your hotel too!

This was my first horse riding experience and we were not allowed to take photos during the ride, but the views were amazinggg. Imagine riding up hills and slopes and viewing the scenery of lakes / mountains / sunset from a high level! Plus even though the sun was shining brightly, there was still some light breeze so we were not sweating at all! 

But I must admit that my butt was feeling a little sore hahaha. I was a little paranoid when I first sat on my horse because it was quite hard to control him, and he didn't really want to listen to meee! :( It got better after a while though. :)

The stable with all the horses!

Say hi to Pepper!!!

The resident cat, who was pretty close to some of the horses haha.

I am getting off Pepper here! Oh our tour guide was really good as well! There were a total of 4 of us on the tour (excluding the guide), and she said that she can take up to 12 people too!

Thank you Pepper for not running off and veering off course!
Even though he galloped a little bit, but it was still alright haha.

Here's Glen and his horse! :) 
His horse was actually realllly tall hahaha. Mine was small and pint sized, to fit my size! 
The instructor told me that she specially chose Pepper for me because I was the tiniest of the group hahaha.

We had two other ladies with us on the tour too! :) 

Okay this is really funny because her horse actually likes to scratch his butt against the wooden fence! I tried to take a video of it but each time I whipped out my camera he would stop. -.-

Here's a video of him scratching his back instead hahaha.

I really enjoyed the horse riding tour and I highly recommend you to go for the tour if you haven't tried it before! It's really quite an experience to horse ride up and down slopes and hills heh. :)

Our view back to the Peppers Guest House was amazinggg too!
Just take a look at the sunset. :')

After the tour, Glen wanted to take a picture of himself with the mountains! Hahhaa. 

<3 <3

I took jumpshots instead! :)

And because of the helmet, Glen's hair was all messed up and so was mine! But it was all worth it (y)!

We had dinner at Chez Pok, a restaurant at the guest house!

They served cheese for starters!


We ordered lamb steak to share! It came with potato strips and salad!   

The lamb steak was pretty good!   


And that concludes day 1! :)


Our day 2 started bright and early because we were going on a morning half-day tour! 
Surprisingly, there was only Glen and I on the tour so it was more like a private tour instead. 
They usually have a bus full of people, so I guess we were just lucky!

Keep calm and drink wine!
So apt for a place full of wineries haha.

We went to quite a few wineries and I can't really remember the names..but there was Mcleish Estate winery and more! We visited the boutique wineries more than the bigger and commercialized ones as our tour guide recommended the boutique ones instead.

Glen and I actually preferred the boutique wineries more than the commercialized ones though!

Their wineries are hugeeee and vast!

My eyes are closed here or maybe they look closed because the sun was too strong HAHA.

One of the interiors of the winery that we visited! 
The lady here taught us that to taste the wine, we needed to take at least 3 sips of the wine to taste the full flavor! We learnt quite a bit here. :) 

I think this was Kevin Sobels winery!

We also visited some chocolate and cheese shop!

We stopped by Cafe Enzo for lunch! 

Cafe Enzo
Cnr Broke Road and Erkerts Road
Pokolbin, NSW 2320

This cafe was recommended by our tour guide, so we decided to give it a try!

Poor Glen was so tired that he fell asleep before the food arrived. :'( 


Glen's grilled salmon with asparagus! 

I ordered king prawns linguine! 

After lunch, we headed back to Sydney and that concludes our trip to Hunter Valley! :) 
I really enjoyed myself and it is sort of like a short road trip (a super short one though) haha.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends everybody!!

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