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Hello! I am here to share with you on an ongoing Salon Vim promotion!! :) 
Went to Salon Vim last week to pamper my tresses! 
And I left the salon feeling like a million bucks woohooo ~~~ (as usual hehe).

 A selfie to show my color before I changed it!

 You know I don't know why even though I am disappointed with Gongcha every time I buy their normal milk tea, I still don't learn my lesson and buy it again. -.-
Their tea has a weird after taste and it's only alright if I order honey milk tea?!!
Cha-time (my new fave) / Koi / Share Tea is soooo much better!!

I chose matte brown for my hair color this time! You can see my roots slowly growing out and how the ends of my hair is so rough and dry. :( 

 After dying my whole head, they wrap it up to allow the color to seep into my hair! :)

Katherine recommended me this "Power of 3" Kerafusion treatment!
IT'S DAMN GOOOD. Like soooooo awesome. 
So basically last time for my Keratase treatment, you get a concentrate + 1 booster.
But now, you get a concentrate + 2 boosters! 
So you can imagine how soft, smooth and shiny your hair will be! 

There's also a promotion going on until 31st of March!
This treatment is only at $338 instead of the usual $480! 
I'll say it's worth it because your hair is really as soft as a feather! (Y)

 These are the products which I used! :) 
The boosters are supposed to help make my hair softer and more moisturized! 
I must really say that the effect was achieved for my hair because I was pretty amazed by the results hahaha. 

 And the mask which was used as well!
So you see, I have the concentrate + boosters + mask for my treatment which equates to super soft hair! I think I keep using the words soft / awesome in this post, but I am not trying to exaggerate to force you to go and try the treatment, but it's really because I think that the treatment is seriously good!

I am having my treatment done for my hair here! :) 

And out comes the blue machine which will allow my hair to absorb the products better! :)

I feel like an alien! I must be too influenced by the You who came from the stars k-drama hahaha. 

And ta-dahhhh!! The end results! :)
I also snipped off at least 2 inches of my hair because I wanted a change in look! 


You can look for Katherine at Salon Vim 313 if you are interested! She's my hair stylist. :)
Remember to quote "bertilla wong" to enjoy 10% off all hair services! 
Do call them to book an appointment in case they are fully booked on the day you head down! :)

This was my outfit of the day!
Matched our keepsake top with a printed skirt for a summer look!

Skirt: Zara
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Blazer: H&M

Shall post a couple of OTDs, which are already featured on my dayre but I'll post them here too! :) 

Top: TCL Crochet Sleeve Peplum Top (upcoming)
Bottom: Pleated Midi Skirt (upcoming)
Heels: New Look

We spent like an hour trying to take our otds that day! Plus it was actually raining really heavily.
Took me sooo long to get a good twirling shot! So sorry that it's kinda blur when it is enlarged. :(

 <3 monochrome!

A close-up of the top! :)
There are really pretty crochet details at the sleeves!
I am wearing an altered piece for the skirt as the S size doesn't really fit a Uk 4!

 Close-up of the pleats. :) 


New clothes almost everyday for last week because our upcoming launch is going to be fabulouso ~~ hehe. 

Dress: *Premium* Tartan Cut Out Dress (upcoming)
Heels: TCL Minimalist Heels in Black 

My piece is altered to fit my size ya! :)

The tartan trend is still going strong so don't miss out on this dress!
And I think this dress would look great with a biker jacket thrown over it. :)


It was a good hair / makeup day on Saturday so time for some selfies hehe.
And this is a truer color of my hair color now! :)

Tried to apply more eyeshadow that day!
I also tried to contour my face using a sleek contour palette but...I need more practice hahaha.
Can you also spot a slight gradient on my lips? I used two YSL lippies to create the effect!

Anyway, I was dressed like charlie chaplin that day hahaha.

Top: Personal Piece
Bottom: Suspender Pants (upcoming)
Shoes: Oxford Booties (upcoming)

I felt so happy in my outfit! (Y)
The pants are slightly loose on me so I think that it'll fit a Uk 6 better!

And yes! Time to talk about these awesome kicks!
Basically I have 100001 pairs of shoes / heels and I can never get enough of them! ><
Been trying to save money and so I haven't been buying many pairs recently!
Since these are upcoming on TCL,  I have more reason to keep them hehe.

This pair comes in brown and black!
We have a similar one launching as well and it comes in black / wine!
More details on our TCL instagram (@theclosetlover). ;)

And so I attempted to try an artistic shot which didn't turn out very well..but still okay la right haha. :p 

We were actually laughing our asses off taking this shot!!! Hahaha. 
Bree wasn't tall enough to take the photos so she asked Mel to help, and in the end we just used the normal Samsung camera to take it. LOLLL. entertain my readers/ followers, here is a video which we took hahaha.
Bree suggested doing those duck walks in the shoes and I added some other retarded movements as well! #nojudge #justforlaughs #iamretardedlikethis

Be sure to catch our launch on Tuesday at 830pm!
Full sneaks will be up tomorrow as well, so keep your eyes peeled on our facebook / instagram for more sneaks. :)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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