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Hiiii! Finally edited my 448 photos of Melbourne hahaha so I am here to blog about part 1 of Melb where we went on a 6-day road trip! 
We planned our trip via google maps by searching for the places which we wanted to go and trying to get the specific routes / time it took to drive there.
We even printed out the driving directions because we were afraid that the phone will run out of battery. 
But it turned out that we were able to charge my iphone via one of the power sockets in the car. -.-

Our trip was planned like this:

Sydney -> Illawarra ->  Greenfield Beach -> Narooma -> Waratah -> Rosebud -> Melbourne -> Sydney

We woke up really early on the first day because we wanted to have breakfast at Devon Cafe before heading off! :) 

 While driving according to the GPS, we found a sign that pointed towards Grand Pacific Drive so we deviated from our route and went along this drive! The roads were really winding and they seemed to go on foreverrrrrr. I was really afraid that we were going to get lost because my phone couldn't receive any signals! ):

But...we finally found a scenic spot which overlooked the sea!! :)

Glen feeling so happy here hahaha. 
My photos look foggy because it was really foggy!
We drove through thick fog and it was really, really dangerous.
I swear we almost crashed into the car ahead of us because we couldn't see any signs / lights in the thick fog.

We should be thankful for clear skies in Singapore! We didn't continue on the Grand Pacific Drive because we were supposed to head to Illawarra Tree Top Walk!
If you wish to drive on the Grand Pacific Drive, I think it'll take about 2 - 3 hours to complete the drive.

After driving for another one hour plus, we finally reached this deserted place!

Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk
Jamberoo Mountain Road, Knights Hill
NSW 2577
Opening Hours: 9am - 5pm

This photo is deceiving looks kinda bright and sunny here?!
But the truth was soooo foggy!  

So we asked the lady at the counter if we should still go on the tree top walk given the weather conditions, and she said that well we'll be able to experience a mystical tree top walk experience in this weather. 

It sounds so good right? But...hahaha wait till you see the images below!
Anyway, you'll have to pay about 25 AUD for the walk per pax.
You can book the tickets via their online website or purchase it directly at the counter.  

I had my fun posing with these animal boards hehe. 

The Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk is a 500m long, 25m high elevated tree top you can imagine how high above the ground we were. There is also a central tower which is about 50m above the ground and two cantilevered arms. We didn't go onto the arms because it started raining really heavily. :'( 

So after walking for about 100m, we'll reach the tree top walk!
The fog was really too thick to see any of the picturesque ocean / mountain view which we were supposed to see in summer!! :(
Glen was like, "I told you so!!!!" 
But well we drove almost 3 hours to reach this place, of course we had to go on the walk right? :p
Taking clearer photos before it started drizzling and raining. 

Here's presenting to you a mystical tree top walk experience...
So mystical...

And magical...
That all you see is...fog! 

Hmm I managed to get some closer photos of the tree...trunks? :o
And tree...branches? 

 We were supposed to get this gorgeous view as seen below hahaha!
But it's okay, an experience is still an experience.
I will still recommend this walk if the skies are clear and sunny!
 We were freezing cold after the walk but thank goodness there was a cafeteria so we could warm ourselves up with some food!

I tried to ask Glen to do a video of what I was doing below..but I failed so you'll only be able to see a video of me! We were watching this scary show (with murders and all) and I went "So scary..." and animated it! #dontjudge #justforlaughs 

After the walk, we drove down towards Narooma!
Surprisingly, it became damn sunny after we left Illawarra. -.-  
The views were gorgeous as usual. :) 

We made a pit stop along Greenfield Beach!  

White Sands of Greenfield Beach
Sutton Street
NSW 2540

The beaches in Australia are just sooo amazing and they have so many beaches.
From Bondi to Coogee to...many many others!
The sand along this beach is known to be white too. :)
It's one of the beaches where it is good to have a picnic or you can go surfing too!

#calm #lonely #longingfordolphins #lookingintothedistance #deepinthoughts

 #yay #freedom #saycheese

#happy #love #us #hehe

#gbventures :p

We continued on our drive towards Narooma thereafter!
We made a pit stop for lunch too.
As you drive along, you'll be able to pass by smaller towns where you can stop over to pump petrol or have lunch.

I ordered a chicken burger! 

 Glen's fish and chips!

Just a word of caution for road trips, it is best to have at least 2 people who can take turns to drive.
I have a driving license but...well I am not really used to driving so Glen didn't let me drive at all until the end haha. 

Also, the passengers play an important role in ensuring that the driver doesn't fall asleep while driving. It can be really tiring after driving for 2 - 3 hours straight even if you make pit stops. 

Even though the scenery can be breath-taking, most of the time you'll see:


And more trees!
I had to sing along to songs in super animated actions to amuse Glen and keep him awake. 
I was literally dancing and singing to the songs on the radio hahaha.
And..I also suggest you to create your own playlist because the Australian radio channels are repetitive (we can even guess what was the next song coming up on the radio). -.-
Keep talking to your driver so that he / she will be kept awake! :)

We finally reached Narooma!!!! 

 The view is too nice not to strike an otd with haha.

Top: TCL Bohemian Crochet Throwover in Cream
Bottom: ASOS
Slippers: Havanias

#yay #finally #ihatedrivingnow 

 #yay #moreprettypictures

Seagulls roaming freely on the grass turf.

For Narooma, our accommodation was Amooran Oceanside Apartments and Motel. 

 Amooran Oceanside Apartments and Motel
30 Montague Street
PO Box 159
Narooma NSW 2546

Images are taken from their website!

I think this is one of the best accommodations in Narooma.
Narooma is kinda like a retiree village to us because we saw so many old couples.
There are not many restaurants around either, and you'll have to take your dinner early because the shops close around 5 - 530pm?  

It gets totally pitch dark outside during the night too as they do not have street lamps! So you can't really tour around the area once night falls either. 

We booked the studio view apartment.
It is huge and I think at least 4 people can fit into this room haha.
We also woke up to another gorgeous sunrise the next morning, but no pictures because Glen couldn't manage to drag me out of bed. >< 

 Anyway, Narooma is known for its two sites of ancient geological significance and beauty at the ends of Sandy Beach - Glasshouse Rocks and Australian Rocks. 

I think the images we captured are the glasshouse rocks!
We couldn't find a way to go down to the beach tho. :(
These rocks are dated between 510 and 440 million years old and rival the 12 Apostles too.

That's quite a feat right? ;)
It looked pretty amazing from the top of the hill we were standing on.

A breathtaking view of the sea. 

Our motel was also situated outside a golf course!
Another otd moment haha.

Top: TCL Audrey Lace Crochet Top in Tiffany Mint
Blazer: H&M
Pants: ASOS
Shoes: New Look 

While driving out from Narooma, we spotted another scenic view!
 And this concludes part 1 of our Melbourne trip!
More next time! :)

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