Hundred and Thirteen.

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The last time I blogged about Melbourne, it was actually only the first day of Melbourne!
So I shall call it day 1 / day 2 etc instead of part 1 / 2 etc to make it easier for those who are thinking of following a similar itinerary! :) 

To refresh your memory, our trip was planned like this:
Sydney -> Illawarra ->  Greenfield Beach -> Narooma -> Waratah -> Rosebud -> Melbourne -> Sydney

As mentioned in the previous day 1 post, we left Narooma and headed for Watarah! Along the drive to Watarah, we spotted quite a number of wildlife like Kangaroos etc. There were dead wildlife left at the side of the road too. :( Apparently, it is quite common for vehicles to hit the animals, especially when it is dark at night.

Pit stops are also located every now and then, hence if you are feeling tired you can take a pit stop and nap for a while before carrying on your drive. I think that it is extremely important for the drivers to be fully awake while driving! I have seen how vehicles driving in front of us swayed from left to right, and the drivers are probably asleep. There are many bends and winding roads, so can you imagine if you closed your eyes for 2 - 3 seconds and you crashed into the barriers? :\\ A pit stop can save your life!!

After driving for a long time, probably 4 - 5 hours, we finally found Watarah Lodge! I read reviews on tripadvisor and the reviews mentioned that the owner of the place, Judy, was really friendly and how spectacular the view was. Hence, we were really excited to stay at her place!

Watarah Lodge
40 Thomson Road
Fish Creek, VIC 3595

The lodge is a family business and they bought over the place in 2012! When we arrived, the living / dining room was in a mess because the carpet was being cleaned! We were quite shocked and wondered if we were at the correct place! Thankfully, Judy arrived soon enough and brought us to our room. :)  

This is the living / dining room!

They have a fire place which they light up during winter.

Our room was huge and there was a spa in the toilet too. Sorry I just realized that I didn't take any photos of the room, but I made sure to take a photo of the spa in the toilet! Hahaha.

The view from our room was amazing! In the morning, we could spot wallabies and kangaroos on the grass. I felt that the whole place gave off a tranquil and calming effect. Definitely a good place to stay if you wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This is the resident wallaby who will come by often for food! 

View of the lodge on a hill. 

Glen was extremely pleased with the place and he couldn't stop exclaiming about the view! 

We could see the sea from the lodge too. :) 

In the morning, we woke up to a breath-taking view of the sunrise. 

  Our package came with continental breakfast. If you want to have a cooked breakfast like sausages / bacon / eggs, you can top up $12 per pax! I thought the continental breakfast was good enough because they had cereal, juices, milk, yoghurt, bread and muffins. It was quite a wide variety! 

Judy told us that we should have spent at least 3 days in Watarah, but we only had 1.5 days at Watarah. :( We decided to visit Sandy Point beach and Wilsons Promontary National Park. 

If there is one beach you have to visit in has to be Sandy Point Beach.
Words cannot describe how beautiful this beach is.
I think my pictures don't do justice to this beach but when you see this beach, you'll be in awe of its splendor.

When we reached the beach, it was only about 7+ am and there was no one on the beach except for us and 2 old grannies. 

The tide had left a layer of water on the sand, which is why you can see the reflection of the sky on it. It looked like we were walking on water. :')  

Glen's foot prints and my slipper prints in the sand.
Did I mention that the sand is so soft that your feet just sinks into it the moment you step on it?

Along came a lady with her two dogs!

One of the dogs charged towards Glen and tried to jump on him haha.
I couldn't snap a clear photo but it was so cute! :)

We had a lovely, lovely time at the beach. :)

I'll be back, Sandy Point Beach! (Hopefully)
Please don't let mankind destroy your beauty!

We headed back to Watarah lodge to check out and took some selfies!
I have already sieved out the unglam ones and posted the better looking ones. ;)


Onto Wilsons Prom we went!
Wilsons Promontory National Park was located just a distance away from our lodge.

Wilsons Promontory National Park
Wilsons Promontory 
VIC 3960

The park boasts an extensive and spectacular view of the coastlines, beaches, rainforest and wildlife.
You can also camp at the park! However, because of the popularity of the park, if you wish to camp at the park you'll need to submit a ballot. Originally, Glen and I wanted to stay at the accommodations provided at the park, but it was far too expensive! 

When we drove in, we climbed up to a small off-road lookout point and captured this immensely gorgeous view of the sea flanked by hills.

More views of the hills and the clear blue skies. 
This was nothing compared to the mountains of trees which we drove past on our road trip though.
I remember asking Glen what would someone do if they were stranded among the trees. :o
Imagine this photo magnified by a 100 times, and the shrubs are replaced with full grown trees!

We visited Squeaky Beach!
This beach is called squeaky beach because the sand will squeak when you step on it. 
At first, I didn't believe it until I heard the sand squeak with my own ears hahaha.

Here's me wearing our TCL Tribal Dungaree! We have other dungarees coming up, so don't worry if you have missed this. ;)

There were massive rocks found on the beach too! 
Glen's looking really tiny here compared to the rocks.

We are each standing on top of one here!

And my turn to look tiny against the big rocks hahaha. :p

I am losing my balance on the sand!

I attempted to take an otd between two rocks. ;)

Playsuit: *Premium* TCL Denim Tribal Dungaree
Outerwear: *Premium* TCL Leather Biker Jacket
Slippers: Havanias

I don't know why but Glen was pretty intrigued by the formation of the rocks and went around snapping more photos of them.

Scary looking barnacles!

We wanted to visit more places at the Prom but it started raining heavily so we left with our hearts contented and made our way down to Rosebud. 

More on dolphins, seals and pretty beach huts for day 3 in the next Melbourne post! :)

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