Hundred and Fourteen.

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I seemed to have been missing in action on this little blog of mine!
Glen keeps reminding me to update about our Melbourne trip but I just haven't found the time to do so. ):

Weekdays are spent slogging away at the office while on Saturdays we have meetings with our suppliers. On Sundays, I rather laze on my bed than to turn on my computer!

This also explains why I have been more active on dayre, so if you have dayre do hop over and follow me / read my daily musings at:

My outfit posts are mostly posted there now!
But I have just found a way to import my dayre posts manually to I shall attempt to do that for my next post. :p


Headed to Salon Vim near the end of April for my monthly hair fix.
My roots were showing so I was really looking forward to giving my hair a fresh, new look! 

 Katherine, my stylist, recommended me to do the newest style - Side-swept Ombre!
I chose red for my ombre color because I didn't have to bleach my hair. ;)
Bree also chose red so we are going to look more like twins now hahaha.

The parts which are wrapped with metal foil are the parts which are dyed red. 
I also chose a darker base color than my current color because Katherine said that the red will stand out more against a darker base.
Every time when I head to Salon Vim to have my hair done, I actually don't have any inkling of what changes I'll like for my hair.
I'll just consult Katherine and let her recommend me color options / styles. :)

 Taking selfies while waiting for the dye to be absorbed by my hair! :p

 For my treatment this time, I did Kerathermie treatment again!
Here are the steps for the treatment:

1. Hair is shampooed
2. Concentrate Vita-Ciment + Booster Ceramides is applied
3. Concentrate Oleo Fusion + Booster Ionium is applied
4. Hair is blown dry (about 80% dry) followed by flat iron
5. Rinse off, followed by mask
6. Rinse off

These are the products which were used!
The double boosters help to moisturize my hair and retain my hair color. 
I love this treatment because my hair feels ultra soft and luxe after that!

The unique part about this treatment is that my hair will be blown dry partially before being flat-ironed to allow the concentrate to penetrate my hair. 

 And here is the end product of my hair!
See the side-swept ombre? The ombre is only on one side! :) 
My base is darker than what it appears in the photo, but I just love how the colors on one side of my face helps to brighten up my look! 

Thank you Salon Vim and Katherine for my pretty new hair!
Remember to quote "bertillawong" to enjoy 10% off all hair services! ;) 


After our hair appointment, Bree and I made our way down to the SKII counter at Robinsons Orchard for our magic ring test! This test helps you to uncover your skin age and provides you with a detailed skin analysis too! 

If you are wondering what is the magic ring, it is the red equipment which Bree is pointing to in the photo below haha. They'll place the equipment on one side of your face to take a picture before proceeding to explain to you about the results.

The best part is that this test is free! :D

This is the kind lady at the counter who had to serve us at the last minute, because we reached around 830pm! :\ 

With Breeee! Gosh her eyes are twice the size of mine. :( 

So apparently my skin's age is only 18 years old hahaha.
I thought that my skin would be more than 23 years old because of the lack of moisture but well it turned out otherwise! 

The SKII staff will guide you through and show you what is lacking for your skin, and how you can enhance your skin's condition. 

This is the overall condition of my skin!
It has a total score of 80%, which was very good according to the SKII staff heh. 
Under each category, the higher the percentage, the better it is.
Hence, you can see that my spot control is not very good. :\ Time to spam more sunblock lotion!
At the end of the test, you'll also be provided with samples to kick start your beauty regime at home! :)

Thank you SKII for the magic ring test!
Head down to any SKII Magic Ring counters at Tangs Orchard, Tangs Vivocity, Robinsons Orchard or Robinsons Raffles City! :)

Look beyond your age and live life to your fullest with SKII today! :) 

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