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This is my first post since I am back from my Europe trip!! Have been wanting to blog about it since I got back ): But I can't find a good photo-editing software for macbook (unlike photoscape which only works on windows) ): Tried various adobe softwares but none can do batch editing as well as photoscape!! Anyone has any good recommendations? Do recommend me one :D

On Friday, I finally managed to meet my FASS og peeps!! Been almost three months since I met them!! Time flies ): It was Yvette's 21st birthday dinner! Take a look at the pretty girl below :) We went to PS Cafe @ Dempsey Hill! It was my first time there and I'll just say that..the ambience is great, but the prices are rather exorbitant :\ I had moussaka, which didn't taste very nice! Moussaka is ground veal with eggplant! I don't really like eggplant, but it's the cheapest on the menu because the prices are from 26+++ and above :o

I wore TCL's upcoming cozette denim dress in light blue! This is one of our popular pieces in C100, but we brought it back in a brand new fabric!! :DD

Yvette, Kok Hoe and I! Kok Hoe forever being the bitchhhhh hahaha

Moussaka! With all the onions! We were seated inside the restaurant, and the lighting was really bad so I had to resort to using flash ): 

Kok Hoe, ever ready for the camera :p

The pretty HANDMADE red velvet birthday cake!! When can I ever bake like this hahaha. One of our friends has incredible baking talents! It was exactly the design that vette ordered for her birthday party next week, but she paid about 60+ for that :o

Twin with Vette!! It's funny how everyone likes to QC the photos right after taking them haha. I think we had like 3 shots for this :p I'll definitely miss seeing them in school ):

You go girl!!! <3 <3

Group picture! (Our third shot for this hahaha)

After dinner, we headed to reddot brewery for some drinks! :)

Adrian fooling around with Rach infront of the camera -.- 

We ordered a jug of frozen margarita! I left before finishing it tho :\

Had a great time catching up with them that night! :) Graduating tmr and oh dear I won't be able to see them so often in school anymore )): But anyw, more OTDS!

I love this MBMJ inspired dress to bits!! Was so glad that the stocks arrived :) But it arrived after I left for Europe, if not I would have definitely brought it to Europe!! There are dainty paperbag details, and it's made of really comfortable smooth polyester chiffon! I wore white out and it's not sheer, just need to wear nude undies :) The workmanship of this dress is fab!!! I felt so girly in this dress! Haha it's been a long time since I wore such a girly dress :p This dress will be launched this week! We are having a DAILY FIX feature, so be sure to check our facebook fanpage for daily updates :DD Oh and this dress comes in pastel yellow, white and pastel pink!! Ultimate sweetness hehehe. 

Non-edited picture taken using G12! :) I think this dress can be matched with a colorful necklace, but I couldn't find any colorful necklaces that day ): Left home in a rush heh. 

Was feeling colorful on one of the days haha and stepped out in a really contrasting combi! 
Match a cobalt blue blazer with hot pink spag top and TCL Macarons shorts in Candy Peach! :) 

I have plenty of other OTDS on instagram! Follow me if you haven't @bertillawong! 
Will blog about my Europe trip next!! :D 

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