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Today is a special blog post! Because.. I am taking part in Laneige's Blogger Contest! Wahahahaha so BYL right but when I told Bree she was like "Aiya you take part sure won't get in lah not chio enough." She's so unsupportive but nvm, I support myself can already HAHA.

Anyway, I am tasked to blog about my favorite skincare and makeup product from Laneige! :) 
If you follow my blog (hehe) you'll know that I always always have a problem with dry skin, so my favorite skincare product from Laneige will be..

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack! :D  
It's my favorite product because it really, really moisturizes my skin so well! 
Bree first introduced me to this sleeping pack last year because she was so amazed by how her skin looked the next morning, so of course I had to try this! I am really a lazy person when it comes to skincare (I know right sighh), so this pack works great for me because I just need to splatter it onto my face and poof!! I can go to lalaland with a richly moisturized face when I wake up tomorrow! ;) 

The pack comes with a mini stick to help you dole out the goodness in this bottle! :)
It has a light blue gel texture that promises to give instant hydration the next morning!
Best part is, you don't need to wash it off before you sleep!
Just slap it on, and violaaaa rinse it off the next morning! :) 

As my bottle was running out, I bought another new bottle!! :D
Close-up of the gel! 

It's actually quite thick in my opinion, but when you apply it on your face it's not too sticky and it just seeps into the skin after a while! :)     

 Tried to show the difference between one hand and the other hahaha. 
The right one doesn't have the gel on it!
But I don't know why it looks fairer must be the lighting ahhhh!

Laneige has been known for their powerful moisturizing products, so if there is one product you should get, I highly recommend this! :) 


My favorite Laneige make-up would be BB cushion!!!
Actually, I only heard about this BB cushion through various blogs and thought that I should just try it for myself to see if it was really good! :)

But this is now my favorite make-up product by Laneige because it's soo compact (fits nicely into my palm and sweat-proof!!!
Perfect for Singapore's sunny weather!! :D

I have never been a fan of BB creams because I always felt that BB creams were too thick for my liking, and they make your skin look sooo white! :\

But this BB cushion from Laneige isn't as thick as the others that I have tried, and doesn't make my skin look ghostly! Hahaha. Somehow, most BB creams make my skin look damn white because I have a tan face. ): Bleahhh. 
When I first opened this item, I was thinking "Eh what's that haha why does it look pokey pokey?"
But guess what? It's actually somewhat like a sponge with all the BB cream!
I think that's why it's called "BB Cushion" (Okay maybe I am a little slow on this but hey I really didn't know it was a sponge!!)

After dabbing on it, it looks even more pokey! 
But I think it ensures that you don't waste too much of the cream and just use a right amount. :)
Time to try on the new BB cushion!! This is my bare face! :)

 And the before and after photo! Sorry I think I spread a little too much to the right side hahaha. But you can tell that the left side looks smoother and fairer right? :)

 Here's half of my face with the BB cushion and the other half without! :)
And with my full face in BB cushion! :) 
This BB cushion isn't very heavy on my skin, unlike some of the BB creams that I have tried.
Looks rather natural too IMO! :) 
Coverage wise, I don't really like to apply too much foundation on my face, so it's good enough for me!
End result after applying some eyeliner, concealer and blusher: 
I think I look quite natural! Hehe.
I love it when my makeup looks natural instead of looking like there's a zillion things on my face hahaha.
Do I look like a Korean superstarrrr here? ;)

I did a gif for fun to show my favorite Laneige Sleep Pack! Hehehe.
Here's the end of my blog entry for Laneige's contest! :)  Just a side note, I used the Laneige water bank essence as a moisturizing base before applying the BB cushion!

OOTD post! In TCL Rainbow Fade Dip Hem Dress (now available on backorders at

Sooo much love for this dress seriously hahaha. 
I have tanned skin so it's rare that I can carry off a light colored dress with pastel colors on it! :D  
Matched it with upcoming Gold Sandals launching tomorrow, and TCL 3-way Weaved Bag in Pastel! (Also up on backorders! :))
I loveeee my hair color as well!
Thanks to Salon Vim!! :D
 My dress is flying in the wind~
Close-up of this pretty dress! :)   

And this Once Upon a Time necklace is the newest addition to my array of necklaces! :)
Also available on TCL website nowwww!
I used to have something similar by F21 but I kinda lost the necklace. ):
This will make do and it's nicer because there are pearls on it! Hehe.
Spot the rabbit and owl! :D

 My camel MBMJ watch <3

And new sandals!! :) 
There's a gold bar in the centre which adds elegance to it! Hehe.

Okay thanks for reading this long post!
Shall end off with some zipai shots ~~
I really love how my purple hair is coming nicely together with my lighter brown base! :)
No hugs, but here's a virtual kiss to you!!
Hahaha be sure to catch our launch tomorrow night as well! :D

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