Dayre One

11:17 PM

New rings today!! Been trying to find these rings since forever and they finally arrived in my mail! 

The best part is they are adjustable so it fits my skinny fingers haha. Most rings I buy are too big for me. :'(

Anyway if you want us to bring this in for TCL holler and let me know! Not sure if our customers like rings haha.

Drop me a comment on askfm!  

I am feeling all dressed up today in a TCL Sophomore Set in off-white! We did a matching blazer and front slit shorts, which matches so well with our tops! Have always, always wanted an all white ensemble because it is so crisp and clean! We finally did it!

Will post an otd later!

A sneak of the shorts can be seen here! Plaids top will also be launched in our stay-home Friday launch tomorrow at 830pm! The top is topshop inspired and you can wear it as an outerwear like I did last time too! Talk about versatility eh? ;)


Had another mini otd photoshoot today under the hot sun! 
Decked out in my first full white ensemble, TCL Sophomore Blazer and Shorts set!

I have been wanting to own a full white outfit for a long, long time!
I like a full white outfit because it's super crisp and clean. :)

Shoes as seen will also be launched in our collection Tmr!!!  It comes in pastel blue and white. If you are fan of chunky heels then this will be your fave!

A close up of the shorts. :)

It has a front slit that is not too high at all to amp up the style factor for this otherwise plain and basic shorts.

And a close up of the blazer!

This set comes in deep red and black. If you are fan of black I reckon you'll pick black, but if you love colors then red is the color for you too!!

One more close up of the shorts because it's too easy to match and versatile heh. ✌️

If you are wondering why we did the set in deep red, it's not that hard to match a red outfit actually!

And it helps you stand out from the rest and instantly ups your style ante. +100 pts for red!! Be bold and daring.

I love my new arm / ring candies!!! Been searching for these rings since forever.

Anyway full sneaks are up on Facebook at! We have a special promotion going on for tomorrow's collection too! ;)

Had an impromptu dinner with the girls @siqiii and Krzs just now! Wanted to try the collagen steamboat but they were fully booked. :( Settled for skinny pizza!

Evidence of the 2 of them ignoring us. Hahahaha.

Truffle mushroom pizza which was my favorite! Their crust is super super thin, but super crispy too.

This was English breakfast pizza! They even had a sunny side up on it.  Bacon lovers, be sure to order this!

This was coconut cake or something. Didn't like it at all! A little bit dry for my liking.   

Chocolate cake which was good according to the rest. I don't fancy dark chocolate.

Group photo!!

My arm is dying due to my second cervical cancer jab, shall scoot off to rest for tomorrow's launch!
TGIF people!

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