Hundred and Fifteen.

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This is the second last part of Melbourne! 

A basic recap of the route for our roadtrip:
Sydney -> Illawarra ->  Greenfield Beach -> Narooma -> Waratah -> Rosebud -> Melbourne -> Sydney

 After driving down from Waratah, we reached Rosebud! 
We stayed at Rosebud because our dolphin and seal trip was originally planned the next morning. 
However, due to weather circumstances, it was shifted to the following morning and since we had already booked our accommodation, we didn't want to waste money booking a hotel in Melbourne again. 

Admiral Motor Inn
799 Point Nepean Road, Rosebud, Victoria 3939

By the time we reached Admiral Motor Inn, it was pitch dark so I couldn't get nice photos. All photos on Admiral Motor Inn are taken from their website. 

Our room was huge and spacious!
The bed came with a heater, so it kept us warm and fuzzy.
On top of that, the bed was really soft and we fell asleep in no time. 
A recommended accommodation for travellers stopping by Rosebud!

 The Rocks
1 Schnapper Point Drive, Mornington 3931

For dinner, we settled on The Rocks at Mornington. 
It was certainly a romantic place for dinner as the venue oversaw the jetty and sea.
The drive from our accommodation was about 30 minutes.
It was raining heavily when we reached, so the pictures didn't turn out bright enough! ):

They have seats inside and outside of the restaurant. 
Personally, I would prefer to be seated outside to enjoy the casual sea breeze and awesome view. :)

The rocks is apparently known for their fresh seafood.
We didn't have a huge appetite for dinner, so we ordered some starters and seafood paella for our main. 

Our oysters came in a jiffy! 

I am sorry, but I still prefer the oysters at Tanuki Raw haha. 
These oysters here were slightly smaller and it wasn't as creamy as we thought it would be. 
Glen and I both prefer creamier oysters because the texture is better! 

Next up - Soft shell crab.
I remember being enticed by the presentation of this dish.
Just look at the plate! The colors of the plate seems to be in harmony with the colors of the dish. 
But anyway, this dish was to my liking! :) 
It was crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside.  
You may order this to try if you are a fan of soft shell crabs! 

Our main - Seafood paella. 
I have never tried seafood paella before so I was eagerly anticipating this dish.

Unfortunately, the dish didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to be!
Paellas is famous in Spain and I googled to see videos of paellas because this version just wasn't quite up to our expectations! 
The base of the paella is supposed to have a toasted layer of rice, but ours was soft.
 On top of that, our rice wasn't fully cooked too.
Later on, we gave a feedback to the waitress and she claimed that every chef cooks their paellas differently and this chef didn't want to overcook the paella. -.-

For desserts, we ordered an ice cream dish. 
This was divine! Maybe it was because we haven't had a good meal in ages haha so this was like our second good meal of the trip. 
 Loveeeed this! 

   My happy puff!! Wished I was back in Sydney. :(

Unglam photo #1.

Unglam photo #2.

Unglam photo #3.

Unglam photo #4. Hahaha!

And that ends our day in Rosebud before we drove down to Melbourne the next morning! :) 


Tune Hotel, Melbourne
609 Swanston St
Carlton Vic 3053

For our accommodation in Melbourne, we stayed at Tune hotel.
It is located in central Melbourne, only 7 mins away from Queen Victoria Market. 
The bad thing about this accommodation is that you'll have to pay in full when you book it, and if you decide to cancel your booking it'll be refunded to you via credits instead of a full refund.
All images on Tune hotel are taken from their website! 

We were greeted by hues of red, black and white at the lobby.
Actually, the theme of the hotel is red, black and white! Quite a unique color combination right? ;) 

We booked a two-bedroom room! 
The image below made the room seemed much bigger than it is. 
The room can be quite small, but well if you are only going to stay for  2 - 3 days I think it is worth it for the price. 
Other add-ons like wifi have to be paid separately! No toiletries are provided, but you can pay a fee for it too. 

Rear 357 Collins St, Melbourne 3000

For lunch, we had Huxtaburger!
Huxtaburger is the place to go if you are huge fan of burgers.
They serve chips and drinks too. 
 During lunch hour, it can get really packed!  

I am sorry, but I really can't remember the name of my burger.
I probably tried their usual beef burger hahaha. (as usual) 
I don't have photos of their milkshake, but please order their milkshakes!
It is really, really delicious! 

Playing around on the camera with Glen while we waited for our food. :)

Couldn't resist taking a picture with the famous train station!
It looks like it just came right out of London heh.

Cumulus Inc.
45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000

Dinner was at Cumulus Inc. with Jarrel, a friend of Glen!
The waiting time for dinner was about 1 - 1.5 hours, so place your booking in advance if you do not wish to wait!

For starters, we had spicy oysters!
I didn't quite like it, probably because I don't take spicy food (except tom yum and maybe laksa?).

We also had foie gras parfait, that looks alot like ham haha.
The texture of the foie gras was rich and creamy with an unctuous flavor. 
I never used to like foie gras until Glen introduced me to it!

For our main, we ordered their unrivaled roasted lamb shank. 
This lamb shank has been roasted for almost 7 - 8 hours before being served!
You can imagine how soft the meat is.
However, that also meant that it was quite oily as well!

We definitely felt super full after dinner! :\
The lamb shank can easily serve up to 4 or more pax!
More on the last day of Melbourne in my next Oz post! ;)

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