Dayre Two.

8:09 AM

As promised, updates for the style nanda fashion carnival event yesterday!

@briannawonggg said I was crazy to want to queue for this event because min hee and sora were going to be there in person!

She said it's the most happening thing she has done since she turned 20 because it's such a young thing to do. -.-

We had a hard time finding their event's location because they didn't state ocean terminal until hours before the event. Luckily there was wifi in the mall to check their IG!

Joined the queue and waited for about an hour before we were allowed to enter hahaha. It was all worth it! It's only about an hour compared to queuing for hours right?

Believe it or not, we were among the first 50 who queued for the event so we had a goodie bag!! Heh. There was a 3ce square mirror, fabric refresher and lip crayon inside! Woohoo ~~~ hahaha never tried 3ce cosmetics before so I can try them out now. ;)

We weren't expecting much from this event to be honest but I was really blown away by the marketing and details put into it! Since it was a fashion carnival, we were given coupons to play games at various stations. Cool huh? 😍

There was a lucky draw too! Bree and I were number 134/135 and guess what? The two girls behind us, 136 and 137 walked away with a 1500HKD SN voucher!

Not fated with lucky draws but it was still thrilling to wait for the emcee to call out the numbers!

So the first thing we did when we entered the carnival was to... Zoom for the photo booth! We were thinking that the photo booth will be too crowded later to take photos but we were wrong! We realized later on that everyone else zoomed for the other stations because the freebies were awesome possum hahaha.

I think this was the coolest part of the carnival - a style nanda crane machine?!! I want a tcl crane machine next time if we have such an event too!!

Everyone seemed to be able to walk away with something and I managed to win a style nanda ring! Bree targeted the lip stick but sadly she didn't get it. :(

There was a makeup trial and tattoo sticker area too! I tried the makeup while Bree had her fake tattoo done. Hers is quite cute, it's a lightning shaped lipstick! :)

I tried their super pink lippie hahaha. The MUA gave me shimmery eyes and coral blush.

✌️✌️✌️ Happy me!

Purple faced us because of the purple lights. ✌️

I didn't manage to take a photo with them irl but well cardboard cut outs will do too HAHA.

We were almost about to leave when we heard that min hee and sora had arrived!! Literally zoomed back into the event area hahaha. They are so fair and pretty irl. *fangirl mode on*

Mission accomplished muahahaha. Thanks to @briannawonggg 's awesome new camera!

Look at the amount of people trying to take a photo of them. They were like superstars hahaha.

They left as quickly as they came but I was satisfied because I got to see them irl! :)

Oh I forgot to mention that there was also a memory game area whereby winners could walk away with style nanda stickers!

Not forgetting their cotton candy booth, DIY bag station and wheel of fortune area! Bree and I bagged a cleansing foam and eyeliner from the wheel of fortune booth hehe.

Goodies from the event! We went up to the style nanda store and I had another fangirl moment because Sora walked past me. (in the shop) So close!

Unfortunately the staff said that they were not in a very good mood that day so we couldn't take any photos with them. :((

Anyway, we checked out their apparels and felt that their workmanship wasn't very good. :/ Given their price we were expecting something better! But the clothes look so good on their models haha.

Our photo booth photo! :)

The style nanda backdrop was too cute! Took my #otd there. :)

Decked in #theclosetlover upcoming drop waist dress in pastel lime yellow!! Made of neoprene, it comes in navy and pastel pink too!

Close up of this pretty dress! It'll be launched in our next launch on Tuesday! 😊😊😁😁

Off to pack up my luggage and head home ~~~

Finally home! Taken at the airport with Bree earlier today. We look super fair here thanks to good lighting! 😁


My airport otd in our TCL Diagonal Chiffon top, now already up on our website!

Matched it with a printed slouchy pants and my trusty leather biker jacket. I swear this biker jacket matches almost every outfit! I wear it overseas wherever I go haha. Still available via our sale section so get them before it's oos! ;)

One more to end the night! Enjoy your weekends while they last! :)

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