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Last week was a madd crazy week! Even though we didn't have any launches, we had a sale post and with our pixie Janelle off to camp, that meant one less person to handle emails and enquiries ): So thankful to all understanding customers for being so so patient with us! Thank you <3 <3 Chic Kiss Love event was a blast! We had about 4 extra people that day to help us with the event, and luckily we had those extra helping hands if not we would not have been able to manage!! But before I blog about the CKL event, here's some BTS from our Kombi Rocks shoot!!! :DD

Kombi Rocks Cafe very kindly allowed us to shoot at their cafe! If you haven't heard about this quaint little cafe, be sure to pop by!! :) They have vintage cars parked outside their cafe and yes their cafe channels a vintage vibe!! Vintage lovers will definitely loveee this place hahaha. We didn't get a chance to try their food, but I read reviews and heard that their food is not bad! Go for a lunch date with your girls in this cafe! 

Kombi Rocks Cafe 
Address: 66 Yio Chu Kang Road, S 545568 
Lunchtime is until 230pm, dinner starts at 6pm 

Look at the photos of the vintage beetles which fill up the wall! 

For this shoot, we got Pris to help us for styling!! :) She's really a vintage lover man haha. She has almost every vintage looking accessory that you can think of! Necklace, pearls, earrings, belts, heels, bags etc! Hehe! If you think our photos looked abit different this time, it's thanks to Pris for the awesome styling job! (:

On the car on the way to the shoot! It's always a mad rush before outdoor shoots ):
First outfit! Lady lace top! We had styled Cons in a side bun this time to look more elegant and feminine. I think the hairstyle went quite nicely with the shoot's theme! :) Anyw, this lace top got snapped up really quickly at CKL event and I had to go back to the office to get more stocks for this top!! I think Bree kept the one in Cream :D She can't get enough of laceee hahaha.


SK working his magic! 

My Vintage camera which I got for a great steal in Vienna :) Guess how much it is!! And it REALLY works! I know I am a camera noob but gosh this camera is really quite hard to figure out hahaha.   

For the second outfit, Cons had to sit in this vintage motorcycle! We were trying to figure out which angles were good for the photos! The motorcycle seats looks like an egg --> 0 

Cons was wearing TCL Deluxe Blazer in Floral Prints! Also another hot favorite at CKL event!
It comes in cream florals, blue florals, black and white :) I can't carry out blazers very well, but Bree can! It's topshop inspired, so the cut and fit is super good! My personal favorite is floral prints but Bree kept both the solid one and the floral printed one!

Taking a look at the photos to see if they are alright! If not we'll have to reshoot ><

Pris working her magic on Cons :) For every outfit that we shoot, we have to take note if the clothes are worn properly (like not overturned etc) so that it'll look prim and proper in the photos :)

Highlight of the Cafe: *drum rolls* Tadahh!!! A vintage chevrolet!!! Everytime a passerby walked by, he/she will never fail to take a few seconds to look at this rare gem hahaha. It's really pretty!

Of course, we had to get a few shots with it, so here's our final shot with the Chevrolet! Cons is wearing TCL Doves Cascade Romper! Still can't get enough of Doves? We made it into a cute playful romper!! Design chosen by yours truly hahaha. ;) 
 Picture with Pris!! My eyes are semi closed here ): Will be meeting her soon for another exciting feature coming up on TCL! Pris sells special AGG vintage watches, so hop over to her blog here (http://missanggeckgeck.blogspot.sg/) to purchase one for yourself! I have one in black and emerald green :)

CKL Event!! We were reallyyy excited about this event because we hadn't setup a booth for a very long time and this time, our booth was really big! :)

Here's our pretty booth! :) 

Sorting them into colors :D

Bree's friends came down! :) So thankful for their help if not Bree and I wouldn't be able to manage >< Spot them in TCL latest arrivals!! Hehehe.

OTD! TCL Weaved Dress in Cream! I really love dresses haha it's alot easier to match and accessorize than tops + bottoms! Look at the intricate neckline details ahhh ~ Quality and workmanship is fab I promise!! Slight balloon sleeves to complete the look :D

OTD for Bree! Deluxe blazer in White! FYI she took years to piece this outfit together as she kept changing and changing in the office the previous night before settling on this :p hehehe. Only Bree can carry off blazers so well ): 

Bree friends camwhoring away before the event started :p

Cons on stage! A pity I didn't get to catch the runway show because I was at the office getting more stocks ): I was quite awed by her hairstyle tho! Maybe we might try it for a shoot heh. 

With some of the lovely customers who came down! Thank you so much for visiting our booth! Ever since we moved to the dotcom, we might have lost some personal touches with our customers because we no longer need to send payment verification emails manually, but I hope these type of events and our blog/instagram/twitter/facebook will help us stay in touch with our customers and fans :) I am sorry I can't remember all your names but I can recognize your faces okay ;)

With our sweet customer Yvonne who always buys us stuff from overseas aww :) 

Pretty Rebs came down to support too!! <3 <3  Rebs birthday is coming up! Gonna meet her next week yayy.

Hehehe. Such a compatible couple aww. 

With Tish and Tricia from VGY! :)  Aww look at the chick magnet Tin Tin!! Seriously I think I screamed when I saw tin tin cos she's soo cuteee.

Special thanks to Jiawen and the team for slogging their hearts out for this event! They had to pack 500+ and more goodie bags! :\

The only okay looking photo of us of that day! :p Sorry sis, you look unglam here while I look slightly glam-mer than you. Hahahhaha.

I haven't been actively promoting my FS link but since I am fully involved in TCL now, gonna be abit thick skinned and ask you girls to ask me questions!!! ;) 

If you haven't heard, we are giving away free outfits for the Nostalgia lookbook!
Find out more at our facebook page! (www.facebook.com/theclosetlover)

Have a lovely week everyone!!
Hope to see you at the launch :D

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