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It's been a crazy week for us last week because we had our daily fix launches!! It was the first time we ever had such a daily launch collection week and it really kept us busy!! Hope you girls liked the idea :)
More exciting events coming up on TCL!!! Yay! :D

To prevent my pictures from piling up, I decided to upload them while I have some time to do so! :) Finished resizing the photos for our sale launch tmr, (we have over 30++ items!!!!)! If you haven't heard, we are giving additional percentage off if you like and share our sale picture! I always run out of creative juices when I am doing up the main pictures, so please give me some ideas if you have hee :p
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Commencement 2012! Sigh I actually didn't want to go for commencement but my parents insisted that I yes I went for commencement! Haha :) I think it was quite a nice experience wearing the graduation gown and bib! We all looked pretty smart in them ;) My guest speaker was diana ser and she was really interesting! Kept her speech short and sweet. I love such speakers instead of those that rattle on and on hahaha. 

So thankful for mum and dad, mum for being strict with me since young which resulted in a hardworking me (but not very smart haha) and dad for being the silent supporter! <3 
I can vividly remember my insane primary school days!! Wished I was back being a young girl again ): 

Sweet hall friends who came down to support! :)
Thanks nette for the cupcake! Hehe you should open a shop one day :p 

Met Tish!! Looking so radiant and happy :) 

Jingfang!!! Haha. She graduated a year ago! So happy to meet her that day!
Got to catch a musical with her and bella soon :)
Yep that's me wearing Courtney Paperbag Dress in White (again) for the third time in a week because I loved the dress too much! Great to wear under the graduation gown hehehe. 
Backorders are closing soon so do place your orders asap :p

Graduate-lohhh! Time to plan finances and the future ahead. I think that education is important in that it doesn't just teach you the basic subjects like maths, english etc, but more importantly, it's a nurturing process whereby one gradually matures and develop your individual values and thinkings. 
Sometimes Bree asks me "Study so hard for what!!"But it's through education, you get to meet like-minded people, build relationships, learn how to interact, develop your leadership skills and learn so so much more! So to all who are still studying, hang in there! It'll be worth it in the end :) 

Despite the busy schedule for the week, I managed to squeeze some time out for some good ol' fun at zouk!! We were at an outdoor shoot before I headed down! So excited for the upcoming launch!!
Featuring many many pretty apparels like colored pants, lace tops, swallows printed rompers, floral blazers and moreeee. Will blog BTS soon! I love my G12 hahaha. 

Planned a surprise for vette!! Hahaha. She was so happy to see us :)
When she opened the car boot, she almost wanted to box the balloons that popped up before she realized that it was a surprise!!! hehehe. 

Off to zouk we went! :) I didn't know zouk had a new members area!
But the seats are aligned in such a way that it's terribly far from the table -.- zzzz. 
Had a lovely time with my og mates! 

What I wore that day: TCL Memoirs ruffled top in white x Florals Peplum Skirt! :)
Love the classic memoirs top! You'll be glad to know that we redid it in watercolor floral prints :DD

Instagram gallery ahead heh. 

Manhattan fish market's seafood platter! They are having a pretty good offer now!
This plate plus a salad, 2 small soup of the day only costs 35.90! :)

OTD: TCL Double layer spag top x floral villa shorts in black x suede tote bag in black
Oh in case you are wondering, it wasn't so sunny when I took this picture!
Had to edit it via multiple apps to get this effect :p 

OTD: TCL Upcoming Lace top x ASOS floral shorts
Lace and florals <3 <3

These brownies from UK are SOOOOO good!!!
Bree and I gobbled them up in like a few minutes. 
I only had like 3 pieces and before I knew it, Bree ate everything else -.-

This is sooo cute. :)

Oh if you haven't heard, mark your calendars for 22nd July!
We'll be at Zouk for CHIC KISS LOVE event!
Find us on the Zouk dancefloor!!
More details sent in our mailers :)

Have a lovely midweek babes! :D

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