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It's 1251am! I don't have much to blog but..I felt like blogging so here I am! I love how fast my macbook starts up as my old laptop took eons to start up hahaha. 

Shall just post some overdue photos from last week and some random photos this week! :) 

Dinner at Chachacha with V and Cal! :) Haha V and I uncovered some potentially advantageous secrets from Cal :p It was my first time at Chachacha! Wanted to go to Wala after that but I was wayyy too tired! V was tired from work too ):

The food was okay-okay not fantastically good! I think Margarita's is way better, but of course more expensive too! The tortilla chips below is yummy though. Really crispy and it looked and tasted like they had just baked it out from the oven! And the awesome cheeseeee. I love cheese, especially nacho cheese dips!! 

I ordered their Chachacha combo for the main course. Eh didn't really quite like it, except that the beef was juicy and tasty! Other than that, it wasn't really quite worth the 16.90 ++ for this haha. 

 Vi and I! Pretty Vi :) She's gonna be away in Paris for 2 years!!! Lucky girl :) I met Vi at a political science exposure mod in NUS! It's funny how we clicked and subsequently met once in a while for lunches and dinners hehe :p

I don't know what Cal was doing, probably some "yo-yo" sign!! Actually, I think he was describing something, but I can't remember what exactly it was -.-

Benefits of a G12's swivel camera!! We can take zi-pais and fit everyone inside and look relatively alright :p 

Dinner at 15 minutes with the FASS og peeps! Now that most people have internships and work, we meet up during dinner time when that's the timeslot which is mostly free for us! Food at 15 minutes was relatively okay as well, sigh it's quite hard to find a really nice restaurant :(


Compulsory girls pic! Heh. Aw we have grown so much from our freshman days. :)

With Kitty Khoo ~~ Who went off to Manila for a dance performance right after dinner! How committed she is to our OG gatherings :p 

I ordered Tomato chicken chop with salad and potato wedges (which they completely left out and served on a side plate later on -.- ) Even though I like to eat cherry tomatoes, tomato sauce with chicken chop is just too weird for me. I think it's an acquired taste! Maybe Sher will like this since she lovessss ketchup sauce hahaha. (But she doesnt like to eat tomatoes -.- ) 

Random day of the week haha. Bree's lazy to dress up nowadays because she just shifted into her new place and she didn't bring enough clothes! So I dress up relatively more than her hehe.

OTD! In sequin glam top and mineral jeggings :) I used to lovee black colored apparels haha. 

Series of zi-pai pictures below :p 

Attempting the korean selca style shot! Bree just stared at me while I took this photo and she turned her head and walked off ): But I had fun anyway zi-pai-ing since I don't normally zi-pai okay!! 

In new suede sandals from cotton on! 

I love my lipsy watch! But the gold fades after some time ): Paired it with a charm bracelet from Diva which I got at a saleeee! 

Tired looking Bree without makeup hahaha.
No makeup but eyes still look wayy bigger than mine! :<

 Being influenced by Ngles,  I tried out this "mei li ri ji" cooling mask!  I have heard rave reviews about it and since I have quite dry skin, I am going to try to be diligent in putting on masks every night!! *Try is the word* hahaha. 


The cooling mask contains green tea and gingko essence which is said to help to maintain a delicate, luminous  and clear skin!! Oh boy I hope this works :) There's a cooling tingling sensation when the mask is put on, but other than that, I think it's alright for sensitive skin! Oh and the mask essence is really thick. Like it's literally dripping with essence :o Will try it for a longer period and see if it really works for the skin! 

Ending off with a belated OTD! TCL Doves cascade romper in forest! Such a cute romper!! :>

Oh the suede tote bag is my fave bag I carry it almost everyday :o I don't really like to change bags so if I find a bag that is suitable for everyday use, I tend to stick to it until I find a new one :D 

But oh yes TCL is going to be at Maybelline Lashionista event at Zouk!! Will blog more details on it next week, but keep your eyes peeled for this event okay! :) 

It's Friday!! Happy happy Friday!!! Here's a cute dosage to welcome the weekends!

Can't wait for the weekends :D

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