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Oh yay it's the 10th post alrdy!! Hahaha I am slowly progessing and getting used to updating this blog frequently! Hope I haven't been boring ): Haha if you think I have, you can formspring me anonymously and let me know! >< 

On Sunday I went to watch dark knight again with V and Cal! Can't believe Cal fell asleep for 1/3 of the movie -.- He's hilarious haha telling me all his funny stories ;) The good thing about catching a movie twice = paying more attention to detailssss. And I was still scared a little by the bats flying out of the prison cave -.- I really jumped in my seat!!!! :o Plus the loopholes in the movie ended being more distinct to me! I haven't actually watched the 1st and 2nd movie, so it was my first time watching this series!! 

OTD! Wearing TCL's Sundae Sunshine Top in Sunshine Yelloow x ASOS Floral Shorts. Loveee the bright color and crochet bib :) The material of this top feels luxe! Heh. Sorry to post after the launch, but I really had no time to blog ):

Closeup! <3 <3 

 Went to Dean & Dulca after the movie to check out the place! It's a newly opened cafe/restaurants at Orchard Central! Resembles one of those restaurants like wild honey haha. The price is abit on the high side, but the ambience is good! Quite quiet and nice for an afternoon tea :) There's like a mini shop inside the cafe as well which sells some groceries like tea, beer etc which are mainly specially imported from italy!

Super cute owl looking beer haha. 

They even have truffle paste!!! :)

 This cup of marble chocolate milkshake costs 6.50!!! But it's nice and you get to choose two toppings to go with it :) Cal ordered their ginger lemon tea, don't get it! It's not worth your money! Get this marble chocolate shake instead :)

Apricot danish which was relatively okayyy. I like the sugar coating on it :D

Hehe. V refusing to take a photo before obliging to my request ;) Must take more photos before she leaves!! ):

Love the swivel function of my G12 as always :)

 Cal took 3 shots for this!! In the end we ended up taking photos ourselves -.-

 Cal you fail!!! Look at the lens and not the swivel screen!!

Finally getting it right! Haha. 

Omg I don't know how we managed this, but all of us just happened to do the same face -.- 
We look like we are pouting :p

Miyoc stock-in day!!! We stayed at Miyoc till about 1++ am trying to stock in the items! Everybody please go down and support us at Miyoc@Jcube!! $2 discount off for the first 2 weeks (if I am not wrong) and goodie bags given to all customers who purchase on the first 3 days!!! So come on down to Miyoc! :D Psst: Our memoirs ruffled top in watercolor prints has been stocked in there too!!! 

OTD: Watercolor Printed Top in Tiffany Mint x Cobalt Blue Shorts!
My hair looks like it's flying ~~~~

Armswag for the day! I felt a little too cobalt-blu-ish that day hahaha. But still, it's my current fave color!!

What's there to eat at Miyoc? Kungfu Paradise!!! Haha it can be mistaken for kungfu panda lol! 
This restaurant is something like xin wang cafe I feel, but the food is slightly tastier IMO!

Rawr kungfu paradise bright looking menu :)
Spot the cute motif and "cafe with a kick"!!!

They have western food, chinese ramen, thai food even!! 

This flaming hot babe looks quite nice huh ;) 

I tried their tom yum soup!! It's realllyyy spicy omgosh. I asked for no chilli alrdy but it's still so spicy! But tasty :)  Just look at the amount of chilli :oo

Honey lemon drink! With the super cute motif again hahaha. 

Bree refusing to take photos but I don't care I am going to snap away! Nananana :p

See her um-chio face :p

And her unglam face hahaha. 

And my face! Tired face :(

As promised, gonna talk abit about the maybelline event coming up on 8th Aug! It's a by-invite only event and we have sent out emails to those who won the invite! Thanks for taking part in the instagram promotion babes! And sorry if we can't send out the invite to everybody but we promise that our warehouse sales will come up very soon okay? :) 

Went down for models fitting today and took back the invites!! So pretty :) 
My fingerprint spoilt the photo tho bleahhh.

Maybelline's launching their Lashionista mascara! It's their newest in the mascara line! 
I saw the actual piece and it's really really pink!! Girls will love it cos it's like hot pink in color :p 
I got the following pictures off google because it's not officially launched in Singapore yet ;) It'll only be in stores from September onwards! 

Apart from the launch of this mascara, there'll be a fashion runway show showcasing the different blogshops' items, purchasing the mascara and other maybelline products at a lower price and like about an hour plus to shop at the different shops! :) 

Can't wait for the event and to meet you girls there!! <3
Will take more pictures to share with the rest of you!!

And a cute photo to end the night, aww this dog looks really cute with the adorable specs <3 <3 

Have a merry week everyone!! Hang in there till Friday :)

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