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Alright! I have some time on hand before a busy week ahead, therefore I shall get down to blogging about my overdued Eurotrip!!! It's my grad trip :D One trip whereby we booked our tickets around March I think? And planned only after our exams :p Our travel route was London > Amsterdam > Vienna > Venice > Florence > Rome > Paris > London !! Initially, we had planned to travel to alot more countries,  but for three weeks of travelling, it's just not really possible :| This post will feature photos from my G12 (because I had plenty from instagram so it'll be a separate post, just purely instagrams okay :D) and I'll talk about the highlights of a particular place :) 

1. London

London is amaaazing!! Thankful to shrimps for putting us up at her place and audrey for being so kind to lend us her place :) Even though London is rainy and cold on certain days, it remains one of my favorite countries for this Euro trip! The people are warm and friendly (most of them haha), there's ample shopping and food and the transport system is a little confusing but extremely efficient!! 

I just had to take a photo with the telephone booth hehe. 

Covent garden is a happening place!! There are street buskers, delicious cookies, food, cupcakes etc etc. Jamie oliver's restaurant is located there, and we dined at his restaurant twice! I was on the quest to find the best vongole in Europe, but I think they end up tasting very similar hahaha. But anyw, his vongole was good! And it's funny how in Europe, some restaurants let you spilt the bills, so they collect individually from each of us at the table! Singapore will never do that -.- 

There was a disney shop at covent garden! How could we resist this shop hahaha. 

Chinatown! Where there's yummy duck rice called Gold Mine Restaurant, and we dined there twice too! We missed chinese food soo much towards the end of the trip hahaha. 

Being wifi addicts, we sat at Oxford Circus station for about 1 hour waiting for shrimps to reply us on our musical timing, and surfing wifi at the same time! There's wifi in selected underground stations due to the olympics haha. How awesome!! Managed to camwhore with sher since we were both bored :p

Trying to point upwards!

2. Amsterdam 

I loved the hostel which we stayed in! It was a different experience because we slept in caravans! I don't have photos of it on my G12, but you can head over to my instagram (@bertillawong) if you wish to see some photos! :) Amsterdam was colddddd. But the architecture and scenery were beautiful!!! Another pretty place in Europe! 

Lucky lake hostel! Super clean toilets, free wifi, breakfast and shuttle services from the train station to our hostel. Thumbs up for this lovely hostel! :) 

This is a REALLY really reallyyyyy super delicious bowl of lobster bisque! There's like scallop, breadsticks (I think?) and huge chunks of lobster meat! We were freezing and this was the perfect hot soup to warm ourselves up haha. It was the only restaurant nearby our hostel! 

Pretty buildings!! If only our houses could be built to be as tall as these ):

I love Amsterdam!!! :)

The shopfront for Macdonald's in Europe take after the particular building. Thought that it was quite different from the identical shopfronts that we have in Singapore.

The apparently very famous french fries from Amsterdam! Haha I thought it was pretty okay, not extremely fantastic though. 

 3. Vienna

We put up at my aunt's place in Vienna, (yay to free accommodation!!). Her house was really quirky and nice, a pity I forgot to take photos of their house ): Vienna is really artsy, you can see posters and billboards about the various and newest art museums/galleries that are available all around the city. 

Beldevere! It's a palace and museum that houses art galleries. We didn't pay to enter the art galleries, but we did take a short walk through the palace grounds :) 

This is....oh dear I can't remember this place, but I believe it's another museum!! Haha. 

We went to visit one of Vienna's oldest amusements park, and had to take a photo with the ferris wheel because for our Taiwan trip, we took a group photo with the ferris wheel as well! :D 

There were insane 360 degrees rides that just went round and round :\ 

I saw a carousel IRL!!!! Haha! :D It goes really high up...and then back down again :\

The ride which my friends took!! I was too scared to go on it hahaha!
It looks small and simple here, but nah, your feet is dangling in mid-air!!!! :oo

My super cute friends ;) 

On the way to Naschmarket, we saw people making guitars and violins :o 

Here's cute apollo!! All of my girlfriends fell in love with him hahaha :p 

We waited and walked for a few hours for their gay parade! It's basically a parade for gays to proclaim their rights. A really interesting sight indeed. 

My aunty Sun Sun and uncle Andi :)

Okay end of Eurotrip part 1!! :) 
The following leg of the trip is mostly around italy!
Shall blog again next time!

Have a lovely Monday everyone! :D 

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