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TCL Week at Miyoc Jcube is here!!!

And I love love loveee this set of photos! We tried something different this time! Decided to do a floral themed shoot! :D We thought that it'll be really nice to fit in with all our floral apparels launching next week! 

So...we bought the blue and pink background studio paper to spice things up for the shoot! And shopped for tons of floral headgears and accessories and flowers (basically EVERYTHING floral hahaha). Well for studio photoshoot, you got to know that it can be rather plain, so the more the merrier! Hehehe.

Here's some BTS from the shoot! :)

We'll be launching this pretty Once Upon a Time necklace as well! I think it goes superrr well with plain tops! Because this necklace adds layers to your outfit! :)

The messy pile of flowers and shoot accessories hahaa. 

First set! :) 

Second set! Cons is wearing a super pretty knotted mesh dress! It's definitely sweet enough for your special dates haha. ;)

Third set! Featuring this mega chiooo floral printed dress which has been flying off the retail racks! We probably won't be stocking in anymore to the retail racks as it's been mostly sold at KJ, but we just stocked it in at MIYOC!! So head down there if you wish to get your hands on it before the launch. ;) 

We were so happy to have found floral embellished sunglasses!! :D Hehehe. 

Fourth set! Featuring exclusive floral printed skirt! And marshmellow tank (non-reversible one) in navy! (: 

The hat very VIVI style right hehehe. ;) 

Fifth set! Featuring TCL Double Pocket Top in Persimmon! Comes in purple, white, kelly green and in sizes too! 

And we switched to the pink background! Haha the grass on the floor looked really real in the photos hehehe.

I love this set! This is my favorite setup of the series hahaha. 

And this is one of our final sets! Cons was trying to give a cutesy jump hehehe.  Sorry for the blur and slightly dark photos. ):

Pretty floral headgear you'll see on one of the mannequins at MIYOC Jcube! :D

Okay enough of the BTS, I'll sneak some photos up here cause they are really tooo pretty already!! :DD

We'll also be launching the TCL Weaved 3-Way bag which took agesss to arrive!
Actually submitted this design like last november and there were hiccups here and there. ):
And the factory lost our original one in black!!! Rawrrrrrrrr. ):

So you HAVEE to get your hands on this okay! Hahahaha. 


Get the full sneaks up on facebook tomorrow okay! We'll also be launching our TCL Weaved Sandals in full leather! Comes in camel, black and cream! :DD Plus pretty necklaces as well hehe. 


OOTD in the upcoming items! The top I am wearing here is TCL Floral Brocade Top in Nude! :)

Matched it with an upcoming suede heel as well! 

Accessorized it with another upcoming lasercut clutch too! :) 

Close up of my heels and top hehhhh. 

Wore this pretty TCL Blooming Florals Dress in Blue the other day too! :)
Sorry I have been late in posting up my OTD on the blog, but I post it on instagram all the time! ;)
Sorry I look super cui here hahaaaa.

Matched with I feel happy clutch in gold! :)


Close up of the pretty florals <3 <3 

Be sure to catch our launch on Monday!! :)
Sneaks will be up tomorrow, and head down to MIYOC to preview the items okay! 

Have a lovely weekend everybodyyy ~~~

Full sneaks are up on facebook!
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