2:14 AM

OTD Post! :) Gonna try to dedicate a few mins to post an OTD every other day hahaha. :p 
Top: Uniqlo
Bottom: TCL Basic HWS in Black 
Shoes: Upcoming TCL Weave Leather Sandals in Cream 
Bracelet: Balenciaga 

My top from Uniqlo went on half price discount the week after I bought it </3 
But it's still nice and comfy!! Hehe. 

 I am so skinny now that my veins are popping out damn obviously. ):
And..yes!! We manufactured our highly popular weaved sandals in leather! :)
Super good quality! :DD
In cream, camel and black! Can't wait for next week's photoshoot. (Y)

And my hair color has faded quite nicely, it's a nice shade of purple violet now.
Thanks to Salon Vim!! :D

Fun shot with the sistaaa ~~ 
We can have a "Carpark OTD" album soon heh our carpark is zai okay there's like super good lighting on non-rainy days! :) 

Can't wait for BKK tomorrow!
Do give our pixie Steph some time to reach your emails!
We'll be trying to mail as much parcels as we can today. :)

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