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My 50th post is dedicated to Salon Vim!! Hehe. It's been only my second trip to Salon Vim as I was away in Europe for almost a month, and Salon Vim never fails to make me feel like a superstarrr every time I walk out of their salon!

(And I hope TCL apparels also make you feel like a superstarrr everytime you wear them hehe. ;) )

I went to have the awesome Privy treatment which everyone was talking about!! 
Couldn't wait any longer to pamper my hair hehe. 

Please pardon me if I look super tired because the truth is I didn't sleep at all the previous night because somebody made my night really horrible (but I am getting better at fighting against it oh yeahhh ~ ). 

Here's me having my hair bleached because I was opting for purple undertones and a lighter overall color! :) Hehe.

Say cheeezeeee. (Y)

And so I managed to snap some images of their awesome PRIVY treatment!! :D 

The thing about this treatment is that you can have it done at the salon, or have your own home treatment as well! Pretty convenient and easy to do I must say! :)  There are only three simple steps to do at the salon! 

The home care is really easy too, because you only need to use the gentle wash shampoo and follow up with a rich mask! :) Only TWO steps leh!

The first step was that my hair was washed with their Gentle Wash Pro! Thereafter, enrich serum was also applied to my hair and rinsed! Final step was the hold cream, and my stylist recommended the moist type for me because my hair was a kinda dry! ): 

You can definitely feel the difference after going for this treatment!
Your hair is softer, more luxe and looks sooo natural! :) 

And this is because their Gentle Wash Pro contains chamomilla, which is anti-oxidation, evening primrose oil which helps to protect your hair, gives a light texture and camellia oil which holds moisture! I think moisturizing your hair is extremely important, because dry hair = grassy hair and well basically your hair will become "zha chao" lolll hahaha. There are also other key ingredients but I'll just list the few above alright! :)

 Here's me applying the hold serum to my hair hehe.

I used the moist type, number 3! :) 

And Bree was laughing non-stop at her ipad (I have no idea what show she was watching, running man maybe haha but she's currently crazy over 96 deg cafe or sth like that -.- )

 And finally, my hair is almost done! Just right before the stylists help me to blow dry my hair and make me look like a superstarrr* hahaha. Can you tell that my base is of a lighter shade than before? ;)

And tadah!! The end product! My soft and beautiful hair! :')

Special thanks to Katherine, my awesome possum stylist! She's a mum of one but she looks sooo young!! I think I look a lil older than her lolll :( 

And if you haven't heard, Salon Vim is having 30% off two of their hair treatments now: The Redken Cocktail Treatment and the Arimino Privy Treatment (which I just went for!)
Treatment price depends on your hair length, but it's capped at a maximum of $160 before the discount!! (Pretty awesome eh? ;))
The treatment is valid from 1st May to 1st June, so hurry down and book your appointment today!

Simply be the first 100 readers to quote "bertillawong" to be applicable for the discount! :)
 *Do note that Salon Vim 313 is undergoing renovation and will resume operations after 24th May! :)

Check out their website and facebook!

And of course, since we were at Bugis, had to take OOTD shots instead of the usual carpark OOTD hahaha :p

We have sent in the top for manufacturing, so it'll be coming up on TCL soon!! :)
Skirt is from bershaka! Simply adore the prints heh.

Close-up of my pretty purple tones! :D I love it omg hahaha. 

Chio right my hair?!! Sorry if I sound too zi lian but I really love my hair lehhhh. You can judge me for all I care, won't stop me from loving my hair ~~ Hahahhaa. 

With the sis! And her chio pink hair too! :) 

We'll be busy preparing for MIYOC week coming right up this weekend!
And oh boy our recent photoshoot was a great success!
First time buying all the grass and flowers and everything haha, glad things turned out nicely! :)

LOOK FORWARD TO OUR SNEAKSSS (or you can go check out MIYOC over the weekend ;))
Will be back soon to blog about the themed shoot!! Hehehe.

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