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Okay I am here for Europe Part II! These few weeks have been a little crazy since I got back..but I'll pen down this post as I have promised! :)

I'll list down some of the awesome food places that I visited when I was in London! :)

1. Jamie's Italian at Angel Building

Every time I am at Jamie's Italian, I only order their vongole and truffle fries!  (y) Their vongole is quite different from the ones I have had in Singapore. Singapore's version tend to be more soupy, maybe because we don't really like dry pasta haha. But Jamie's version can be a little dry if you

Angel Building! Hummingbird bakery is there too! :)
Previously, their vongole didnt have this spicy sauce but I think I missed out telling them no spice, so it came in a whole plate of spicy sauce! This version wasn't very nice. ): I preferred it with the normal white wine sauce though. :)
Truffle fries!!! And my unglam shot hahaha. 

 The lighting at Jamie's is kinda bad so had to resort to taking photos with flash, which doesn't make the food look very appetizing! ):

Anyway Jamie's is a good place to go for pretty good pasta (not the best but still alright for the price). You can choose between small or large portions! So if you don't think you can finish you can order the small portion, or order more small portions to try out new dishes! :) 

2. Hummingbird Bakery at Angel Building 

 Okay so everyone was telling me to try out the red velvet cupcakes at hummingbird bakery!! 
So of course I would go! :)  

Pretty pretty cupcakes! :)

The super well-known red velvet cupcake! 
I think when you enter a bakery with pretty cupcakes/ cakes, you'll feel a natural sense of joy hahaha. 
Pretty things make people happy! :)

Vanilla frosting!! <3

I thought this cake was pretty special with yellow base and cute daisies hehe.

I only tried the red velvet cupcake!
It's actually my second / third time having red velvet cupcakes because I am not really a bigg fan of cupcakes, but this red velvet cupcake was quite different from the rest I have tried before!
It's a little on the cheesy side, the cheese taste is really strong!
But it's still sweet with the moist cake at the bottom, so overall it's good! :D
This is how it looks like inside! :)

Attempted selca shots with the cupcakes hehe.

Hummingbird bakery is definitely worth a visit!! :) 

3. Burger and Lobster

There are two stores for Burger and Lobster, I went to the one at Farringdon cos according to Shrimps, the one at Mayfair is super packed all the time! 

It's a pity the girls and I didn't get to try this last year when we were at London (because we were all too busy shopping hahaha) but if they ever do come to London again, they will definitely try this after seeing the pictures of it. :p

They only have two dishes on their menu (so cool right haha).
It's either the lobster or the burger! 
Of course we chose the lobster, being kiasu Singaporeans since it's probably more worth it to pay 20 pounds for a huge-ass lobster instead of paying 20 pounds for a huge-ass burger (hahaha).

With fries and saladd! :) 
It's like damnnnn shiok to eat the lobster hahaha because the meat is succulent and just yummy!
I don't think we can ever have such a huge ass lobster for one person in Singapore for like SGD 40 eh!
Shrimps and I with our huge-ass lobsters <3 
So thankful to have her in London. :')
Another one with Shrimps! :)

Some people say that Burger and Lobster is overrated, but I think that it's worth a try!
You don't have to go there all the time, but if you are visiting London it's probably one of the foodie places to check it out. ;)

4. Gourmet Burger Kitchen 

Tried this for lunch one day! :)

They have this pretty cool milkshake haha but I didn't try it! :p

Had burger with skinny fries!
It was pretty average only tho. :\

5. Dimsum at The Lotus

If you think that there's a lack of Asian food in London, you are wronggg hahaha. Okay maybe there's isn't as much Asian food in London, like BCM etc, but they really do have good ones like duck rice/japanese food and of course, DIM SUMMM. 

It's actually a floating Chinese restaurant!
Unfortunately, we were all too caught up with being hungry and I didn't take a single picture of the dimsum. ): 

BUT it's definitely worth a visit!! You can order their cha siew biscuit thingy haha sorry I forgot the name! ): It's affordable too! We spent only about 10 pounds per pax and have a full meal!! :) 

6. Atariya Japanese Restaurant at Bond Street

Okay when Shrimps and her bf told me about this super zai Japanese bowl, describing to me how zai it was and stuff, I couldn't quite visualize how zai it was! 
But after having it, it's really a super super zai bowl of Japanese goodness!!!!

Guess what's this? Their miso soup! Which is soooo goood hahaha.
After I ordered one cup, shrimps ordered another! :)

And tadahhh!! Their too-good-to-be-true Chirashi bowl (which took almost 20 minutes to be done) which costs only 15 pounds! (Y)(Y)(Y)
Super worth it mannn!

There's tonnes of sashimi inside, ebi, tuna, egg, crabmeat etc etc which just makes this dish pop with sweet and sour flavors!

Let me tantalize your tastebuds with the following images HAHA.
Our three huge bowls heh. 
Happy me with happy food! :)

7. Four Seasons at Chinatown

Last year, I tried gold mine duck rice! This year, I tried Four Seasons instead!
The skin is crispier and their sauce is better than the one at gold mine!
But I kinda like gold mine's better because they give a free bowl of soup heh.

This is their beancurd!
I thought it was pretty alright, not the best but anyway I am not a fan of fried beancurd haha.
I prefer the softer kind of beancurd like tie ban tofu ahhh.

I had a craving for Chinese soup so we shared this bowl of Lotus soup!
Super yummyyy!

Shrimps and Jack looking so cute together here hehe. <3


That's all for London's food places that I went to! 
I aim to head to Europe every year if I can, so maybe next year I'll explore different places in London! Hehe. 

Thanks for reading through this longggg post! 
Enjoy your Sunday! :)

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