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And oh yipee! I have some time to do up a quick post on my OTD today! :) 
I have been finding ways to add the picfx effect onto my photos on my Mac, and finally found a way to do so! But it's quite inconvenient to do it because I can't batch edit it unlike in lightroom as I have to use photoshop! ): So I edited a few photos for that effect only heh. 

Wearing upcoming aztec tribal jeans!!! AND... my new strappy Zara heels!

The story of my heels originate from our overseas trip! I spotted this pair at the Zara outlet, and it was selling at price of SGD 70! (Which is rather cheap for a pair of Zara heels) But they didn't have my size anymore. ): So I headed back to the Zara outlet in Singapore, and checked all the outlets before one of the outlets carried a new pair! (The one at Zara Ion was spoilt zzzz and last piece too!)

So please tell me that my Zara heels is worth it because it's priced like almost 30% more expensive in Singapore </3. 


Close up of the tribal jeans hehe. This pair comes in Polka dots too! Which Bree kept, so wait for her otd if you are deciding between this or that! I wear size S. ;)

Spot my overturned pockets oops. 
And pics edited with the "picfx" film effect hahaha.
Does it look alike? ;) 

I wished I had the time to post a small post of my OTD everyday like this! :)
Haha but no lah I can't keep up if it's everyday! :oo

Oh and I am so excited to share with you my review on Lancome's newest foundation, MAT MIRACLE, which will be coming up on my next post! :))

Stay tuned okay! ^^

Enjoy your mid-week!

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