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And so when we were younger dungarees were trendy and hip and cool (hahaha). My mum used to buy for me dungarees to wear as a little kid!! I think it's super cute and wearing one just make you feel so young and teenager-ish again!! :))

And so of course I have to get one too!!! Bree has never been a fan of dungarees and when I asked her if we could manufacture a dungaree she said "NOOOOO". But after seeing me wear this dungaree, she has finally relented!! Guess I must have looked cute enough HAHA. :p 

Used polyvore to make this!!

And here's me acting cute and young in the photos heh. There's more actually! But I only posted a few hehe. 

Close up! 

Catch this dungaree coming to you on TCL!!
Spot the cat behind me hahaha. 
I was in a full topshop gear, wearing the dungaree, speckled top and cut out sandals! :)

Can only make do with this!!
Shop new arrivals now :)

A long week ahead, but looking forward to it!! :))
Enjoy your coming Monday!! 

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