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I swear my macbook is going to crash anytime!!! It's so slow and laggy at times and programs just keep hanging omgosh and this macbook is barely a year old!! Please hang on my dear mac!! ): 
I haven't been able to back up the macbook as well because I am waiting for my new HD to arrive! 

Anyw, here are some snippets of BTS from our previous shoot! :) Woke up bright and early ~~ and Bree and I are loving her new camera!! It makes your skin flawless with the bright skin mode!! Hehe. How can we look so flawless at like 7AM in the morning?! Credits to the flawless function of the camera lolll.

Testing out the camera function ;) 

Bree and Cons looking really pretty!!! Can you see the glow on Con's face! :pp

But anyway, I don't have much BTS because well I accidentally dropped Bree's camera lens cover on the ground and it got scratched abit cos of the rough flooring and Bree was so mad! Haha so BTS stops after the first houndstooth shorts ): 

We arrived at this ranch looking place!! All green and brown colors heh.

Cons in TCL Fedora Knit Top in Coral! Spot the cut out details! I'll just load the editorial pics as well to make up for the lack of BTS okay >< 

 My colors are overexposed here, so follow the website for a more accurate color! :)

Pretty Cons!! She's the only one who can still look sooo good under the hot sun and feeling all sticky and sweaty :') 

 Double Pocket Top in Cream and TCL Houndstooth Paperbag Shorts in Brown!! Comes with a black leather belt too :D

 The chairs are so cool, they come with wheels!!! (Hahahaha)

Anyway, I don't have anymore BTS )):
BUT, let's make do with the pretty editorial lookbook! Hehe. Uploading my favorites hereeee!

And oh we are really lucky to have got this shot!! :) The horses there were really pretty! This horse was the prettiest of all though, with sleek brown hair hahaha. 

The previous night, I remember seeing a #euphoria on instagram for ben and jerrys!
Basically, you #euphoria in a happy picture, and if they select you, they'll feature you in your nearest newspaper stand/billboard!!
So...I wanted to try, but obviously I failed HAHA.

Constipated look #1

Constipated look #2

Constipated look #3

#ohyeaimadeit!!!yipeeedoodles hahaha!

Bree and I had fits of laughter hahahaaaaa. Things we do at shoot!! :p


OTD time!
In TCL Houndstooth Paperbag Shorts in Brown, paired with a simple high neck cropped tee :) 

NO MAKEUP day here, so this is how I look bare-faced ahaha. 

Close-up of the details!! I read on instagram that someone reviewed this pair of shorts, saying that the cut is big etc, but for reference I wear a size XS and it fits me super well!
And the belt that we are giving with this pair of shorts is NOT of a low quality (omg), doesn't mean if the leather is soft it means that it's a low quality one! Sometimes, those belts with a hard leather might even be of a lower grade ya know ;)

Pair the shorts with lasercut divine box bag in black!! Highly sought after ~~

Hate my veins! :(

ACT SEH day hahaha. 

Love this bagg :) It's our premium range!! So expect a slightly higher price, but it's really a good bag to own especially with the box bag craze! Hehhee. 

Sunday's OTD in Neon Floral Skirt (launching tomorrow too!) and a pink H&M blazer! 
Along with my trusty suede tote bag :D 

Can you spot the grainy effect :p

 New Arm Candiesss hehe!

And this is my favorite modelling pose lolll.
I think cos I look pretty slim in this angle hehe.

Okay it's 9PM!
Time for dinnerrr!

Full sneaks are up on facebook :)

Follow me on instagram @bertillawong for more otds/random moments hahaha.


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