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Hello hello!!! Taking some time off in the office to post some BTS for our last outdoor shoot!!
So I was looking for a shoot location to shoot our series which will feature crochet, sweet colorful dresses and thought of Carpenter and Cook!!

Carpenter and Cook very kindly agreed to sponsor the location for our shoot :') 
We are sooo grateful and thankful to them!! 
If you haven't heard of Carpenter and Cook, it's this quaint little vintage cafe that actually sells food and vintage furniture at the same place!!
The place is reallly reallyy pretty!

It's located along Lorong Kilat, along the stretch further down from Udders!
You can't miss this cafe with it's Paris-ian looking shop front! 
Just look at the layout and decor below, told you it'll be a pretty place eh? ;) 

I thought this is really innovative! Using scramble tiles to create a message hahaha.  

Bree was mentioning how she liked it that they replaced food with "Hunger" and drinks with "Thirst"! A refreshing concept ;)
The following photos will be a dosage of all things vintage and sweet hehe. 
You are warned about the photo spam coming up! 

This pretty corner greeted us when we stepped into the Cafe!
Just look at the details of the decorations!
The owners specially sourced for the decorations overseas, and you can tell that a lot of effort is put into the decorations and layout! :) 

Vintage tea cups on sale! 

And they also have these dainty letter/papers/paper plates on sale! 
It reminds me a lot about my childhood days when I used to buy these letter papers to write letters to my penpals hahaha.

Pretty teapot vase! <3
And I can't get enough of this mini Enid Blyton corner!! :')
So nostalgic hahaha. 
Vintage Enid Blyton books are paraded on the wall! Definitely brings back fond memories :) 
I used to be a huge fan of Enid Blyton (I mean who wasn't hahaha).

Carpenter and Cook's Jam! 
I really love their packaging, makes everything look so pretty <3 

And yes they sell many vintage items as well, ranging from type writers to vintage weighing scales! (And many more)

Just look at this vintage telephone!! Hehe. 

And how can we forget about the pastries? ;) 
 A pity we didn't get to try their lemon cream queen of hearts tart which I heard is damn good! 
We tried their walnut cheesecake which wasn't too cheesy unlike some other cheesecakes!

Okay time for real BTS of the shoot! 
Cons and Sipei in TCL Candy Crush Skater Dress!
I love all the colors leh had a hard time deciding which one to keep ):
Kept mustard in the end!

 Didn't get to sneak this on our facebook yet, BUTTT this is another chiooo dress to get heh.
Colors for the closeup shown here is a little warmer than in actual life!

Our two pretty models <3 <3
Photoshoot with them doesn't feel so tiring even though we have to wake up mega early for shoots because there's always fun and laughter during shoots! Like how we'll tease about bfs and what's not hehe ;)

And featuring TCL Sugar Rush Crochet Top!! In awesome pastel colors :)
Cons and Sipei look so cute here hehe. 

 And finally launching this flower printed maxi skirt too!!

 They had super pretty vintage tiles which of course, I couldn't resist taking a SOOTD with it hahaha. But Bree posted her photo already so I decided not to post mine!!
If not spamming your instagrams too much :p
 I. have. no. idea. what. I. was. doing. in. this. photo.
LOLLL I must have been like yes shoot is over!!!   

 As usual, taking a mess of the place that we have at photoshoots ):

And in collaboration with Carpenter and Cook, get 10% off your order when you quote "The Closet Lover"!!! :) 

So if you are itching to try out the pastries at Carpenter and Cook and take pretty photos of the place, here's your chance!! Head down to Carpenter and Cook today!! Hehehe. 

Discount is valid for dine-in only after 6pm and valid from 12th March till 12th April 2013!

Carpenter and Cook
19 Lorong Kilat, #01-06


OOTD! Stripes x TCL Sugar Floral Denim Shorts!!
I feel like I am back to the days where I was modelling for TCL. LOLL hahaha.

Close-up of the watercolor florals! :) 

 OOTD in TCL Candy Crush Skater Dress!

Pic with Bree! I looked much taller that day because I was wearing wedges hehe.

We went to have our favorite pasta at Creations cafe since we were dropping off stocks at Kissjane!
Yes new arrivals are stocked in at Kissjane @ Bugis!!
So go on down and checkx them outxxx hahaha.

Photo spam!! Hahaha.  

Hoped you enjoyed your weekend!
Stay tuned for our giveaway coming up on our facebook! :)
Oh and yes we'll be giving free outfits AND....


Okay off to pack parcels! :)

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  1. Hi bert, wanted to know where you got your stripes top from? really love the cheerful colours. (:


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