8:21 AM

It's time for my monthly treatment for my tresses! :)
And I changed my hair color as well!
I am loving my hair color sooooo much!! :D

 I really wanted to try copper red and yay my awesome hairstylist Katherine said I could carry it off so viola!! :DD

Taking some shots before my current hair color would be dyed to copper red! 

 The dying process! :)

 Katherine introduced me to a new treatment called Kera Thermique this time! :)
This leave-in treatment takes 45 minutes and for the first time, I had my mask done at the shampoo area instead of waiting at my seat!

Under step 4, my hair is blown dry and and then flat-ironed to allow the concentrate to penetrate my hair! :)

Here are some pictures of the concentrate and mask! :) 

And tadah!!! My pretty hair with curls! :) 


Thank you Katherine for my awesome hair once again!! :D
Do remember to quote "bertilla" to enjoy 10% off all hair services at Salon Vim!
FYI, I had my hair done at Salon Vim 313! :)


Headed to DTF at MBS for dinner with Bree!
More selfies of my pretty hair hehe.

I LOVE SALON VIM!! If you ever need a hair cut / color / treatment / wash and blow etc etc seriously, I think that they are the best! (:

 Ordered my favorite boiled chicken soup! :) Yummmyyy.

Some crispy meat roll which I didn't really fancy haha. 

Fried rice with egg!! (Y)(Y)

And how could we miss out on XLB!!! 

Hi Bree!! *waves* 

Here's my outfit for Fide Fashion Week! It was a Thursday show. :) 

Top: TCL Leather Embroidered Peplum Top (upcoming)
Bottom: TCL Matte Leather Pants in Black (upcoming)
Heels: New Look
Bag: Prada 

More shots to show you the pretty peplum details! (: 

Love the details!! Wearing a full black outfit can never go wrong hehe. 

Here's a close-up of my heels. :) 

With Bree who was also dressed in a full black outfit! :)

Bree said that we were hardly at MBS so we had to take more photos HAHA so here you go! More photos of my hair. :)

 Off we went to Alexis Mabille's show!
Sorry I don't have pictures of the models because they were walking wayyy too fast for my camera. ):

I met the lovely Lindsay though!! :)
Hehe I was practically a fan girl calling out to her to ask her to take a photo together hehhhh.  :)

Yupppp after the show we headed to Au Chocolat for some desserts. :) 

Truffle friesssssss. 

Bree who is always busy on her phone. :'( Hahahhaa.

Okay! I am off to the airport!!
I booked a super impromptu flight to Sydney in the afternoon because Scoot has a massive $24 sale today!!
Kept refreshing Scoot's page because their traffic was super high and I couldn't get to the payment page so when I finally processed my booking I was really sooo happy hahaha. 

It ends at 12 midnight, so if you are reading this and you are thinking of going on a weekend getaway you should totally book now! :) 

Can't wait to meet Glen hahaha I am really such a crazy girlfriend. :')
Will post on my IG as often as I can in Oz!! 

In the meantime, watch out on TCL IG/ Facebook for sneaks and promotions!! 

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