7:38 AM

Another short OTD post! :)
Editing my backlog photos in the meantime too!! 

PS: I don't know why but my photos aren't very sharp this time. ): 
This is when Bree's DSLR is needed asfhjkll. 

- edited to add in today's OTD in another of our premium series! 

Shoes: New Look
Bag: Prada

Today felt like a day where I could pull off a bodycon dress and these prints are too hard to resist!! Hehe. 



Dress: *Premium* Floral Infinity Dress in Pastel Yellow 
Shoes: C&K
Bag: Balenciaga

Really love the pretty floral details of the dress! I think pastel yellow is left in limited sizes, there are still available pieces in apple green and white! :) 
*edit* Backorders are now uppppp since some of you have asked for it! Heh. 

Close-up! :) 

AND yesss I got my hands on these lovelies!!! :D
So Bree has one, I bought one for myself and one for my all three of us have one each LOLL hahaha.  


Top: TCL Memoirs Ruffle Top in Pastel Blue
Bottom: TCL Crochet Trimming Denim Shorts 
Bag: Max C London
Shoes: Mitju

Yeapppp we love flowy and drapey cardigans! :DD It's also priced fabulously at $22, so get yours before they run out of stock! Not many pieces left in the inventory! :p 

I don't know why but the photos are much brighter when we took it from this angle zzzz. :( 

Oh if you haven't heard, backorders for our latest collection is now upppp!! :)

Gonna scoot off to bed in a bit! :)
Good night!

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