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So Glen came back to Singapore for about 1.5 weeks during his mid-term break! 
I have quite a lot of pictures to update (yayyy) but I'll sieve through them and post them bit by bit heh. Since I won't be able to meet him again till CNY. :( 

Anyway! So Glen had this brilliant idea to buy this tea towel set and sew it to become fluffy owls so that we'll each have one hahaha. BUT this guy actually doesn't know how to sew, so who sews? Me of course!!!!

If you are interested, you can purchase it from Hunting for George!
It's a super awesome website that I stumbled upon when I wanted to purchase a gift for him hahaha. 

Or you can purchase it straight from! 
I think it might be cheaper hahaha. 

So the tea towel comes like this!
You can choose to use it as a tea towel, or cut the fabric up and sew it into fluffy owls!
They even have a video to show you how to do it. :)

Me cutting up the fabric!! Was trying to be as accurate as possible hehee.

Okay he cut up just one side and went off to play his computer games. Tsk tsk hahaha. 

The act-blur look. 

We actually tried to use the sewing machine to sew the pieces together! But after fiddling around with the sewing machine for an hour (can you believe it?!!) and spoiling the needle HAHA I decided that I should just hand sew it myself. -.- 

So there you go! I sewed it for about half an hour, and on the car when we were heading to CMPB at Dempsey! Finished sewing it on the way back. :) 

We bought polyfibre stuffing from Artfriend! The last bit of the sewing is quite tough though, because you have to sew Section A together hahaha and you can't sew inside out like how you did for the other sections. 

I think my sewing was not toooo bad? ;)

Took it on the grass too! :D "I am so fluffy I can dieee!!" Hehehe.

AND ONE MORE!! Just let me parade my work of art a little more k? :p
Apparently this owl is a damn good neck pillow hahaha. 

So all you need to hand sew this cute fluffy owl is:

1. Owl Tea Towel from HFG (You can choose other animals too!)
2. Needle
3. Thread
4. Scissors
5. Polyfibre stuffing 
6. Lots of love 

Us with the owl! Glen hashtags #thebirdventures because he's going to try to post one picture a week of the owl hahaha.  I think he won't be able to keep up from week 2 onwards LOLL.

<3 <3 <3

And....I asked Glen to blink like this to let me do a gif and violaaaa!!!
HAHAHAHA. Love it. :D

Okay time to scoot off to bed! 
Good night! :)

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  1. Glen said you also don't know how to sew hahahahahahahahha you can go kill him now

  2. WHATTT ok I am killing him on skype now hahaha


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