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It's nearing the year end period and wooh I love year end periods because we get to launch dressy dresses like bodycon dresses and maxi dresses, a style which we usually do not carry (unless it is non-manufactured) in other parts of the year!

So anyway, I really can't wait to share our year end series! Our first part will be launched pretty soon as we have just finished a shoot at Crowne Plaza Hotel! :) Look out for it real soon okay! :D


Dress: TCL Side Slit Maxi Dress in Berry (upcoming)
Outerwear: Leather Jacket in Off-White (upcoming)
Heels: New Look 
Bag: Celine 

I loveeee maxi dresses because I can just throw on a pair of simple heels and necklace and viola! I am done with my outfit ^^ And Glen likes to see me wear maxi dresses anyway haha I probably look really slim in them hahaha.

Spot the side slit! It's not too high up! Just nice. :)

Close-up of the slit! :)


Top: Forever21
Shorts: Supre
Shoes: Upcoming on TCL!

And so this was the day when Bree and I both wore the same combination when we didn't plan on it hahaha. This is why some people say that we are twins!!! We wore the exact same style (top + denim + parka + sneaker wedges) LOLLLL. 

Anyway, the parka is now up on backorders!! Go gettittttt hehee.

And to show how alike we are...HERE YOU GO! I actually really like this picture of us because it's a rare moment where we are trying to act a little edgy here hahaha. Wedge sneaker you spot on me will be coming up on TCL soon! :)


Top: TCL Railway Boyfriend Shirt in Wine (upcoming)
Skirt: LRH
Heels: Charles and Keith
Bag: Balenciaga

I am in love with this shirt because it's soooo wearable and easy to match!! Hahaha.
So um I kept all colors HAHA you can see how I paired them in my OTDS! :) 
I paired the wine shirt with a cobalt blue skirt! 
We have a similar piece coming up on TCL for the skirt!


Top: TCL Railway Boyfriend Shirt in Black (upcoming)
Skirt: Topshop 
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Black 

My outfit for Fide Fashion week! :)
It's my first time wearing a printed midi haha because I am quite short so if I wear a printed midi skirt it might not look so nice, so I paired it with heels to look taller! (y)(y)

I'll blog about Fide Fashion Week in my next few posts! :) 
Close-up of the prints! :) 

Black is a reaallly easy color to match! :) 
If you can't decide on the colors, I'll suggest you to get black! Hehe. 


Top: TCL Railway Boyfriend Shirt in Cobalt (upcoming)
Bottom: Jumpsuit in Yellow
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Balenciaga

Yeappp it's MINION DAYYY hehehe. I know minions have a yellow body and a blue overall, but my outfit still resembles a minion right HAHA. 

Anyway, if you are interested to purchase the yellow jumpsuit email me at bertillawong@gmail.com with subject header: Minion Outfit! 

It's priced at SGD 22 mailed, comes in sizes S and M!
I am wearing size S, and for reference S can fit a Uk 4 - 6, M fits Uk 8. 

Now you know why our railway boyfriend shirt is soooo wearable hehe.
I have worn it consecutively for 3 days!! :oo

Close-up! :)

Email me if you want to purchase this jumpsuit and match it with the railway shirt okay!
I think it's quite a steal at SGD 22 :) 
Sneaks for our collection tomorrow is uppp on facebook! :)

Happy Monday all!! :D

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