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I am on a blogging roll!!!
Hahaha and since I am at it I might as well continue my blogging roll hehehe. :) 

  Anyway when Glen was back we went out for lunch with my parents!
It was an early birthday celebration for my mum! :) 

Elaine recommended us to Standing Sushi Bar, so we decided to give this restaurant a shot!

Standing Sushi Bar
8 Queen St S188535 

I have actually heard alotttt about this restaurant, but it was surprisingly really empty when we headed down on a Sunday! :) 

I think their promotions are on weekdays, so that probably explained why the restaurant wasn't packed!

Anyway, we ordered a mixed sashimi plate!  Tasted....normal hahaha.

My mum's cha soba! 

Salmon avocado roll which tasted like shiok maki hahaha. 

I loveeee salmon skin! This was gooood. :)

 Glen's udon!

I ordered a beef teriyaki rice set! Tasted fabbb hahaha.  But I thought their miso soup was quite weird because it came with carrots and cabbages?
Silky chawanmushi! It's really good too!! I couldn't get a clear shot because it was steaming hot hahaha.

Our table full of foood! :)

Daddy and Mummy! FYI my parents are already 58 years old, but my mum still looks so young right?!! 

Happy birthday Mummy!! Thank you for loving me in your own ways. :) 

With Glen. :) Hahaha we were wearing similar colors again (no we do not plan our outfits together)!
Glen's eyes hurt when he is in a brightly lit place, so sometimes he wears sunglasses indoors. Hahaha and yes sometimes we skype with him wearing sunglasses! ;)

I was wearing TCL Bayside Romper in Cobalt Blue! Restocks will be up soon! And a new color - black will be launched with it. :D

Wimbly Lu Chocolate Cafe
15 Jalan Riang S358987


And we headed to Wimbly Lu for dessert with Glen's friends! 
It was my first time at Wimbly Lu, but the interior of the cafe looked nice and cosy! :) 

It's tucked away in a rather quiet place in Serangoon!

They serve all-day dining food, breakfast and desserts! :) 

This was salted caramel ice-cream, if I didn't remember wrongly hahaha.
Not really a big fan of it!

I kinda...forgot what was this. :\
I think it's chocolate creme brulee? Anyway, we decided that we should just stick to plain creme brulee next time hahaha.

Root beer float! Yummmyyy. 

Molten lava cake! Apparently (according to Glen), this molten lava cake wasn't really baked properly because the sides were still soft and moist.

Tianyu with Felly! Trying out my camera's swivel function hahaha. 

And here's a series of photos of Glen and I debating about how good the foie gras tasted at Andre!
Glen was feeling really exasperated talking to me about it because the foie gras was the best thing ever at Andre and well, I don't really fancy foie gras much hahaha. :p

It ended off with me saying "Come, I clap for you!!!" 
It's a phrase we often used when we were in Oz hahaha. 

Sometimes we really laugh at the stupidest things! Actually no, most of the time Glen is laughing at me because I'll be doing something really retarded sighh and he'll go "Why am I with you?!" Hahahaha too bad it's part of the whole Bertilla Wong package yooo. :p


Yakitori Emmau Izakaya
Ion Orchard, Level 4 

Dinner with the girls was at another Japanese restaurant again!! 
It was our second helping of Japanese food in a day loll hahaha. 
Oh do take note that they have a cover charge of $5 per pax! 

I think this restaurant is well-known for their bbq sticks, but we didn't order much of it!
And sorry, no names of the food because I can't remember too! ):

This was yummmmmy though! :)

I ordered boiled chicken soup!
LOVED ITTT hahaha.
I really love soup, so as long as it's soup I tend to like it haha. ;) 

Glen's salmon don! :) 

Sher and Ngles! Missing shrimps! :'( 
Can't wait for her to be back for Xmas!! 

With Jia and Pang! :) 

It's amazing how we only knew each other in secondary 3/4 and yet we still keep in touch till now hehe. :)
Please pardon the messy table!! >< 
And that's Tung in the middle! 



 Haha I attempted to take some photos with Summer and Jake but Jake didn't want to take photos with me. :(

Summer's soo cute!!! She's really such a princess.

One-eye wink anyone? ;) 

"Look at me Summer!!!" 

"Nahhhhh." :(  

FYI she's only looking up because Glen is distracting her with her favorite toy hahaha. 

Here's Jake!
I was quite afraid of Jake at first because he kept barking at me! :( 
But he's fine now hehe.

Glen with his princess. :) 

It's been only 2 weeks since Glen left and I am already missing him so much. :(
Can't wait for CNY to come!!!

<3 this boy to bits, hope this canvas printing of us comes out nicely!
I spent 3 hours trying to figure out the right proportions of the photo to fit into photobox's template zzz.

Yeap here we are trying to compare whose face is fatter LOLLL. 

Oh, sneaks for our next collection is up on facebook too! :)

It's a public holiday but we'll still be packing your orders and preparing for the launch! 

Good night! :) 

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