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So one day all of us in the office were squealing over these super cute tofu pudding portable chargers from Summur & Co.!! :D They come in really adorable faces and we couldn't resist smiling at them hahaha.

These portable chargers are 8000 mAH so you can charge your phone fully for about 3 times before they drain out! :) I have been using it soo much because every time my phone dies this charger will help revive it! It can even charge my samsung camera because of the 3-in-1 cable! :D

I chose Mrs Tofu! :) 
There's also Mr Tofu and they are a couple set so you can gift it to your other half! (:

The indicator on the top right shows the "Tofu Juice" left! Hehe so cute right hahaha.
I actually charged my phone from 33% to 100% and it only decreased by a bit! How awesomeee.

Mrs Tofu comes packed in a box like this! :)

And inside the box, I was delighted to find a Tofu Pudding user manual which taught you what to do before you use your Tofu Pudding charger! :)

It also comes with a cable that comes with 3 connectors!
1 micro USB cable, one lightning cable and one 30-pin connector! :D 

TCL is giving away 3 Tofu Pudding portable chargers, courtesy of Summur & Co.!
Visit our facebook page ( for more information!

You can also purchase Tofu Pudding portable chargers from Summur & Co. by visiting their website ( or follow them on instagram (@summurco)! I must say that these chargers are really value for money because of the high maH!

Quote <theclosetlover>, valid till 31st December 2013 to enjoy 10% off all purchases at Summur & Co.! Teeheee now go get your hands on these superrrr cute Tofu Pudding portable chargers! :) 


 A quick OTD post! :)

Dress: TCL Annalyn Dress in Black (upcoming!)
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Balenciaga

This is a Nastygal inspired design! We specially sourced for the metal embellishments you see on the neckline. :) Material is stretchy and not thin / sheer at all hehe. 

I love dresses like this because I don't have to think about what necklace to throw on etc and just wear a bracelet / watch will do! I matched it with cobalt heels which Bree bought from me from London! :) 

 Close-up of the pretty embellishments teeeheeee.

 Okay we have a shoot tomorrow at 8am so I am going to shower and sleep earlier tonight! 
For all those who didn't see my post on IG regarding the flea this Saturday, VIP passes have all been given out sorry! ):

Not to worry, you can still come between 1pm - 6pm okay!
I'll post a mini preview of the items that I have some time this week!

Good night and see all of you at the launch tomorrow! :)

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