8:47 AM

 Found a new OTD spot today! Hehe. I have always always wanted to try a white on white ensemble, and finally here it is! :)

Heels: C&K
Clutch: Primark 
This top was a hot favorite among our High Street launch! Haha we had some customers who went down to KJ racks to ask if we were going to restock it on the racks as the pieces on the racks are sold out...but sorry it's sold out on the website too! ): 

You'll be happy to know that backorders for this top should be opened tomorrow! Pending a confirmation from our supplier. :)   Oh and the sunglasses shown here were bought at a steal during MIYOC's warehouse sale muahahaaaa.

Teehee trying an artistic shot here. :p

 Close-up of the asymmetrical skirt <3 <3.

And another on the embellished beaded details! :) 

Hope everyone has been well this week!
Pixie Steph is falling sick oh no I think TCL is piling her with too much work! :'(

Take care everyone and drink more water!
On a side note, I have started blogging daily snippets on dayre as well.
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Have a good night! :)

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