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Wow I am almost reaching my 100th post hehee.
I kinda like how I number my posts as it helps me to keep track of how many posts I have and..
I don't really have to keep thinking of new names for my blog post!!
Hahhaa sometimes I am a rather lazy person. :p

Anyway, I finally had time to head down to Salon Vim to tame my tresses! :) 
Was really busy in November so I had to shift my appointment to December instead! 
Looking at our schedules for Dec / Jan makes me feel like the year just whizzes by sooo fast.
Thankfully, Bree and I planned earlier this year for our CNY designs so you'll be happy to know that almost half of our CNY designs have arrived'll be seeing them online and on our racks really soon!
In fact, we'll be having our first CNY shoot on Thursday! 
Look out for sneaks reallll soon! Hehe.

 Previously I dyed my hair reddish brown! 
The roots of my hair were beginning to show. :( 
I really loved the red color but I think I'll only try red once haha.
It'll be a good color to have for CNY tho! ;)

So anyway, I decided to do ombre brown this time! :) 
Here's trusty Katherine and her assistant!
I can really trust Katherine with my hair cos she's sooo good at it! 
And after the experience I have had at Salon Vim, I can really safely tell you that they have impeccable service! They will also make sure that you'll enjoy your time at Salon Vim and leave their salon feeling like a million bucks. :')

Sigh I think the lines on my forehead are showing...omgosh I am only 23 and I have lines forming on my face?!! :ooo

The treatment I did that day was Kera Thermique treatment, which I did previously too!
You can read about the treatment here. :)
It really makes your hair feel super soft and luxe!

The unique thing about this treatment is that after applying the essence, they'll blow dry your hair and flat iron it to allow the concentrate to seep into your hair. :)

And tadahhhhh here's my new super chio ombre hair! 
I wanted to try something different from the usual colors hehe.
So glad that I chose to stick with brown! :) 

I kinda like having curls now...And I actually found a supposedly good curler from babyliss but they only ship in the UK. :(
Will probably have to wait for shrimps to make a visit before buying the babyliss curler!

With Katherine! :) Thanks Katherine for always taking good care of my hair! :D

 And we took a snapshot at the pretty Xmas tree too!

One of my friends Jielin saw my instagram posts and wanted to have maniac panic streaks on her hair and look how pretty her hair is now! Katherine was her stylist too. :)

 Salon Vim is located at Somerset 313, Takashimaya and at Victoria Street, near Bugis Junction! :)
Be sure to quote "Bertilla" to enjoy 10% off all hair services!
It's really the time to pamper your hair and as they are really busy during this period, call them early to book your appointment! :)

Salon Vim Hotlines
68847757 / 68846676 (Salon Vim @313)
68370073 / 68370045 (Salon Vim @Bugis)


I wore our premium for love of prints dress out that day because I really love the prints hehe. 
A second backorder has been opened for it! Stocks will arrive before CNY so if you are looking at wearing it for CNY, go for it! ;)

Heels: C&K
Bag: Balenciaga

 I have been carrying this navy balenciaga, passed down from Bree pretty often nowadays as it matches almost all my outfits hahaha.

Another shot of my ombre hair! (:


Headed to Saveur at FEP after that to meet Sher and Jia!
I have heard alot about Saveur...but sadly my trip to Saveur was very disappointing. :( 

With Sher! :) 

Hello Jiaaaa! 

This was the only good dish that I liked!
Mushroom cappuccino soup.  It was really tasteful and thick enough.

This was...blandddddd. 
It was dry and...tasteless? Hahhaa.

 Sher ordered the duck confit! She liked it! :) Probably one of the better dishes that night.

This was my main course was....tough to eat.
I am not sure if the pork belly is supposed to be fatty but it was quite fatty and the skin looked crispy but it was sooooo tough! I couldn't even bite on it. 
Is it supposed to taste like that?! 
Best part of the dish was the egg haha.

 Jia ordered the fish with potatoes!

While I am thankful that the waitress kept our tables even though we were running late (but we didn't take up anybody's tables because our initial table was given to someone else who came first), after we had finished our food one of the supervisor / manager came to ask if we wanted desserts.
When we told her that we didn't want to have desserts, she lingered around our table and we knew that she wanted us to ask for the bill.

I understand that it was dinner time but I thought it wasn't very nice to chase us away when we had just finished our dinner. We were seated for barely 30 - 40 minutes? 
If there was a really long queue outside and we have been sitting there for like an hour after we were done, I could totally understand why they wanted to chase us out. However, there wasn't a long queue and really, do they have to chase us out right after we had finished our meal? :oo

I am really not going to visit Saveur again hahaha. 
Anyway, we decided that we should get desserts at TCC instead because the food there is MUCH better and the service is wayyy better too!

Happy us at TCC!
Oh, we actually played Heads Up Charades HAHAHAA.
It's hilarious, please go download the app!!

Not many images of desserts, but these was the best dessert of the night! :) 

Oh gosh it's 12am now...time to head to bed for another long day tomorrow!
Psst: If you haven't checked out our launch, do head to for new arrivals! :) 

Looking forward to Friday because that's when Glen is coming back yayyyy. :D

Good night! 

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