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I am back with an advertorial post for Caring Skin! :) 

When Bree told me that Caring Skin was going to sponsor us for facials, I was a little apprehensive at first because I know how important facials are.
Different types of facials can vastly affect your skin, especially if your skin is a sensitive one! 
But Bree assured me that Caring Skin had different facials to cater to different skins for all skin types and so I decided to give Caring Skin a try!
I am happy to say that I wasn't disappointed at all. :)

I have actually been going to my regular facial place at Yishun for years, but that facial place is a traditional facial place. 
This means that no unique machines are used, just simple cleansing / extraction / serum / massage / mask. 
However, at Caring Skin, they use a top-notch machine like the one below to provide a detailed skin analysis! :)

The owner, Subrina specially imported this machine from Korea even though the cost for this machine is quite high! I know this machine looks really plain but it really gives a superrr detailed analysis of your skin haha.

Here's my beautician Kiki! :) 

Anyway, I was instructed to place my face infront of the machine and after a few minutes, my skin analysis was churned out! Efficient or what hahaha. 
After the analysis, my skin was shown to be low in moisture, elasticity and sebum!
(And I am only 23......dieeeeee.)

See the red squares? The closer the squares are to the centre of the circle, it means that more treatment and protection is needed for that particular area! 
As you can seen from the image, my skin really needs to work on increasing moisture, sebum and elasticity and lessening pigmentation on my skin! :(

Apparently the pores of my skin is even better than the standard skin heheee. 

Low moisture = low sebum. :( 

Kiki recommended me to use this Hydrascience Multi-hydrating facial treatment set for my first facial session! :)
Each customer will use a brand new set for every visit.
Caring Skin uses products from Dr Renaud, which was set up by a doctor and researcher who specialized in cosmetology.
I am happy to tell you that the active ingredients in Dr Renaud's products are mostly derived from plants! :D

Every customer will have their facial done in their own private room, hence you can be sure of having your own privacy during facial. :)
I was greeted by this sweet wallpaper when I entered my room!

I am sorry but I didn't manage to take photos during the treatment. :( 
I'll try to take the next time okay! 
After the facial, I could see that my skin was visibly brighter and definitely much more moisturized! :) 

The extraction process was almost not painful at all as Kiki was really really gentle! 
So if you are afraid of pain, don't worry you are in good hands hehe.

For TCL customers, you are in for a treat with this special offer!
Bree had previously blogged about it here and Subrina has kindly agreed to extend the promotion for our customers! :) 

The promotion has been extended to the first week of Jan, so if you are looking to pamper your skin before CNY be sure to book it nowwwww!
Just save this e-voucher and show it to the staff when you are there!
Do take note that it is valid for first time customers only. :)
For $68, you can bring a friend along, so each of you only need to pay $34 for a facial that is usually worth $275! And if after your first visit, you are still not sure and would like to try again, you can pay $68 for your next visit for subsequent 3 more visits! 

Unlike some other places, Caring Skin will never force you to take up packages which you don't like or simply because you don't want to.
I have been to places that literally prevent you from leaving the room until you have signed a package with them, and even when I was making payment for my package the staff was encouraging me to add on further items to my package. Even though I signed a package with the company, I never went back to the place ever again. 

And after talking to Subrina personally, I feel that she really wants to help her customers get good skin. I mean if the company really wants to earn your money, they can be pushy and force their beauticians to have a certain sales limit for the month. But they don't! 

 And she completely understands if some people are reluctant to try out the facial due to sensitive skin! However, Caring Skin also offers facial treatments for sensitive skin, so if you are one with sensitive skin don't be afraid to check out Caring Skin!

Caring Skin 
360 Orchard Road, #07-07A 
International Building
Tel: 6737 7797 

How to get there:
 MRT: Alight at Orchard MRT, Exit E and walk towards Wheelock place. 
Take escalator up to Shaw House Isetan and turn left to TCC, we are located at the level 7.
Be sure to share your experiences with me if you are heading down to Caring Skin!
I have been up since 630am.....feeling super tired now hahaha.

On a side note, we just had our TCL Xmas team dinner!
Will blog about it soon hehee!

Good night! :)

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