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So last week, I was kindly invited by Wendy to an Olay event!
It was the media launch for their newest range - Olay AquAction! :)
Steph accompanied me for the day hehe. 


The event was held at Hilton Singapore hotel and the setup was really lovely! :)
Shades of blue everywhereeee!

Their newest range - Olay AquAction promises to power up hydration in your skin, leaving you with "pump pump bouncy skin"! ;)

 Steph and I having some refreshments before the event started!

Hehe taking selca shots. The lighting was good to take selca shots! ;)
Thanks for accompanying me to the event Steph! 
Was supposed to join her for yoga on Saturday but I couldnt wake up zzz. :'( 

The event was hosted by Hanli the VJ from MTV!
First time seeing her in person and she's really gorgeous and tallll hahaha. 

Anyway, the event started with an introduction to the key ingredients behind this newest range of Olay products!  

Firstly, we need to find out the causes of skin moisture loss so that we can address them!
Through intensive research, Olay has found out that our skin is like a leaky bucket which constantly loses moisture to the surroundings. :( 

The second key cause of moisture loss is skin fatigue! I think I am a victim of this because I tend to sleep late and whenever I don't apply makeup, the pixies in the office will always say that I look so tired. :'( 

And hence through these insights, Olay presents to you the new Olay AquaAction series to address the causes of moisture loss with two key ingredients, WSK and Ninacinamide. :D 

This is Ninacinamide! I did a google search on it and found out that yes it does treat fatigue! (Y)(Y)
It gives the skin energy to renew itself and brings back more youthful skin levels! :)

And this is the second key ingredient - WSK!
It is derived from white jelly leaf which is part of the legendary Yang Guifei's beauty regimen, which is also why Olay AquAction is proven to be useful on Asian skin! ;) 
This ingredient has been shown to outperform hyaluronic acid, which is thought as the gold standard for hydrating ingredients now!

A scientific experiment was conducted by Olay's senior scientist, David Khoo, on the spot to show the difference between WSK and hyaluronic acid. One test tube was filled with WSK and a liquid X, another test tube was hyaluronic acid with liquid X. ( I am sorry but I can't remember what is liquid. ><) 

From the experiment, when both test tubes were shaken, the test tube with WSK moved lesser than the one with hyaluronic acid, proving that WSK retains moisture better than hyaluronic acid! (Y)(Y)
No images of the test tubes here, but I can assure you that I saw the scientific experiment with my own eyes! Heh. 

 Next up, we were introduced to the new range of products under Olay AquaAction! :)

The lively speaker for the day! :)

I didn't take product shots of all the products at the event, but I am still using the products and will do a product review on the Olay range soon! :) 

Olay AquAction long lasting hydration gel:
The star product of the range and continuously moisturizes and locks in water for up to 12 hours!

Olay AquAction deep hydring dew:
This toner is formulated with ingredients that are similar to those in natural hot springs and plant extracts. I have also learnt that you can keep this in the fridge and use it on sunburnt areas of your skin when needed! ;) 

Olay AquAction intensive nourishing emulsion:
This product is formulated to target skin that is easily dehydrated, keeping skin hydrated all day!
You can also apply this over makeup, or mix it in a 1:1 ratio with your foundation. 

Olay AquAction softening sleeping mask:
Voted as a favorite among the speakers for that day, this product can be applied directly before you sleep! It is super fuss-free and has an intensive water-bonding formula.
Wake up to dewy and moisturized skin in the morning!
I am so going to pack this into my bag when I take long flights hehe.

Olay AquAction nourishing hyrdation mask:
We all know the importance of masks and this mask is super stretchable and will fit almost all face sizes! The eye patch design also helps provide hydration to the eye, an area where we tend to leave out in our skincare regime. The essence lotion contains mineral ingredients similar to those in natural hot springs as well! :) 


I am still trying out the products, so I'll give a full review on it soon!
So far, it's working pretty well on my skin! :)

The speaker giving a demonstration on how to use the products effectively on your skin!

Haha they also hired male models for the event! I wonder if everyone was taking photos of the products or the models. ;)

Yeap you can chill your products and use them chilled too! Hehe.

Met pretty Franc who was one of the 4 Olay Power Listers who shared about their beauty regime during the event! :)

 Steph and Franc! :)

With Wendy! :)
Thanks for the invite again babe!

More selca shots with Steph by the pool hehe. 

I wore TCL Gold Glitz Peplum Dress to the event!
Full OTD for the event can be found here! (http://bertillawong.blogspot.sg/2013/11/eighty-five.html)

We also managed to take a snapshot with one of the male models using the photobooth provided by Hello Stranger!  ;)

And one with Franc!! :) 

 Olay AquAction range is now available in most leading departmental stores and pharmacies, so head down and get the range today if you are interested! :)

Pump up your skin, pump up your life!
Leaving you with some tips on how to keep your skin hydrated in our sunny island! 
(Image credit to Olay!) :)

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