6:13 AM

Hi babes!! 

I am here today to tell you about this exciting platform which Chickisslove and Maybank has come up with! It's called THE SALE!!

So what can you infer from the name alone? Well, it's going to be a massive massive sale, one week only though!

There will be over 20,000 products on sale, with prices ranging from $5 and up!
There will also be more than 150 merchants like The Face Shop, Innisfree and Missha!
Of course, TCL will also be a part of this awesome platform! :D

Look out for round the clock bargains as we upload our sale items onto this website! ;) 
Don't miss this sale on the website okay!

Use your Maybank credit card for additional discounts on the website! 
They accept all major credit cards and provide free normal postage as well. :D


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