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So Glen is catching his important soccer match right now, hence no skype session tonight and so I shall take the time to blog!! Hehe. :)
*Image intensive post ahead tho, be warned!!
*edit* Had to stop blogging halfway because it was too late. >< 

Anyway last Thursday Scoot had this amazingggg deal! They were selling flights at $24 to all destinations (with terms and conditions attached). I saw this deal the moment I launched facebook and immediately whatsapp-ed Glen (hahaha). I think the pixies in the office were so amazed by me because I was literally screaming "Omg so cheap!! I have to fly over!!!" 

So after asking Bree for permission to take leave, I started the painful process of refreshing and refreshing the Scoot website to secure my tickets! After about 1.5 hours, I finally managed to proceed to the payment page!! (Y)(Y) You should have seen the smile on my face when I finally received the confirmation from Scoot on my flight hahaha. I viber-ed Glen and told him "YAY my tickets are booked, I am coming over tomorrow!!!" 

Yes sometimes I think I can be quite crazy hahahaaa. ;) Thank you Scoot for the fabulous deal!!
And if you are not in the loop, they have deals every Tuesday morning 7am - 9am! Check out their website http://www.flyscoot.com for deals! And no, Scoot did not ask me to advertise for them, but after taking a number of flights with them, I think that their flights are pretty alright for the price you pay! Not the best of course, but definitely worth it for the price! :) 


1. DIY Housewarming Party

When I arrived in Sydney on Friday, Glen had organized a housewarming party that night hence we proceeded to prepare for his housewarming party!! 

We grilled lamb chops, chicken, mushrooms and tomatoes, potatoes and made clam chowder soup!
Thanks to the foodie Elaine who settled almost all the dishes (except for the clam chowder soup which is now my forte HAHA.) 

Lamb chops, marinated with herbs and spices! Tasted pretty good after grilling them. :)

Grilled ones!! 
MASSIVE amount of clams for the clam chowder! 
In one of the Asian supermarts in Oz, they actually sell bags of frozen shelled clams which is super awesome when you are making clam chowder!
It saves so much work and the cost is lowered as well. Glen and I couldnt find any frozen shelled clams in Singapore when we cooked the other time. ): 

Laine and I happily preparing the food for dinner! 

Glen giving the eye. Hey you are only peeling potatoes?!! (hahahaha) 

Laine and I were so busy cooking that we didn't have time to take pictures of the food when we were done cooking them, and so I only have some pictures of them. :(( 

These are mushrooms with tomatoes for starters! Doesn't look good here, but it's really yummy. Hehe.

We made flavored water by cutting up fruits and leaving them in the fridge for at least two hours! 
We had two bottles, one had lemons, cucumbers and mint!
The other bottle had strawberries, cucumbers, rosemary and mint!

It's a great alternative to sugared and unhealthy drinks like soft drinks etc. :)

Lonely grilled chicken. :( 

Ben's awesome possum clam chowderrrr which does not look appetizing here BUT I assure you it is fabulous hahaha.

Banofee Pie!!!! I love it! Sukhi makes super good banofee pies hehe. 

One with Glen and his friends! :) 
It was a good night ^^.


2.  Thai Pothong Restaurant and Gift Shop 
294 King St Newton 
NSW 2042

The next morning I woke up bright and early to take a good look at the decorations around the apartment! :) 

Glen has a knack for choosing nice art pieces and this is his centerpiece in the apartment! 
This is from society6 and it really makes the apartment look sooo nice!

The living room! 
Believe it or not, all furniture you see in the apartment are bought from Ikea hahaha. 

Glen's brilliant idea of using bar tables and bar stools as dining tables.
It worked out really well! :)

Hi Mr Owl. <3 <3 
I love the subtle touches like the tree coasters hehe.

Metallic building blocks which doubled up as key holders! 

Awww I felt so touched looking at the pictures of his family, friends and us on the wall in his study room. :') 

Hahaha it was a really good idea to print out this set of photos in black and white! ;) 

Took some selfies before heading out to dinner! 

I think it is a great idea to take selfies HAHA because you can do a nice collage like this!! Muahahaha. And you can get it printed out as well! :) 
#excusethepda hahaha.

Off we went to Thai Pothong!
Snapped some photos of the streets at night in Sydney. 

Thai Pothong!
There were sooooo many people inside the restaurant!
It was really packed to the brim.
Lots of people head to this restaurant to celebrate their birthdays because the restaurant has like a mini birthday celebration for the birthday girl / boy!

This transformer looking statue greeted us at the door hahaha.

There were many Buddha statues around the restaurant as well!

As usual, we left the ordering to laine and proceeded to do our own stuff hahaha.

Just leave the ordering to laine because whatever she orders will be the best hehe.

Ben and Elaine! Awww. :)

I have no idea what game this is about but apparently both Ben and Glen love it.
It is called "Knights and Dragons". Zzzzzz. 

  Everybody was busy on their phones (as usual) while waiting for the food to arrive hahaha.

But of course, I was busy taking photos hehe. 

And the starter finally arrived!
This is betel leaf wrapped prawns!
The taste was refreshing and I liked it. :) 

Bamboo leaf wrapped chicken! 

Enough said. 

Glen's fresh coconut! 

Curry chicken!
I preferred the green curry chicken over this though hahaha.

Super delicious fried rice! 

This was soooo good.
It is a pork dish and the sauce used to cook the meat was just soooo nice.
I kinda finished the whole plate hahahaha.

Green curry chicken! 

And we can never miss out on prawns and mushrooms tom yum soup! 
Not very spicy, but tasted good enough! :)

One more with Glen! :) 
I think I asked Glen to take quite some photos this trip because I won't be seeing him for another 3 months! :'( 

<3 <3 


3. The Paramount Coffee Project
 80 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills
NSW 2010

The coffee here is supposedly super good!
But it's a pity because both Glen and I are not a fan of coffee so we don't ever try any cup of coffee from these quaint cafes.

I like how most of the cafes use paper menus to save the environment! 

A close-up of the menu. 

Pretty pretty interior. :)  

They have small pop-up stores in the restaurant as well!
This is pop plant, which sells mini plants.

A bicycle pop-up store. 

I think I have trained Glen quite well in making stupid faces HAHAHA he just does it spontaneously now without me asking. :p

And while he was busying playing Knights and Dragons on his phone... (hahahhaa)
Yeap I am totally a little girl when I am with him. :p

And our food arrived!
This is soft shell crab burger.
It is sooooo goooooodddddd. (Y)

The soft shell crab was crispy and juicy and the bun was toasted till just right!! 
Highly recommended!

Beef steak sandwich!
It was decent, not the best hahaha.  

Dulce De Leche milk shake!
It can never go wrong heh. 

And they use these recyclable vintage cups! 

OTD for Lunch!

Top: LB
Skirt: TCL Crowne Skirt in Cobalt (Upcoming!) 
Outerwear: *Premium* TCL Leather Biker Jacket in Black (Upcoming!)
Shoes: LB
Bag: Balenciaga 

 This biker jacket is our first manufactured biker jackets!
Bree lovesss biker jackets (or blazers in general) so it was her idea to manufacture this!
The quality is fab fab fab and the cut is fab because it is modified after a Zara piece, so don't miss out on this! :)

I really like bright outfits, so I paired a lime top with my cobalt skirt!
Matched it with a cobalt gem necklace. :)
This skirt comes in berry and black as well!

Thanks to Glen who takes my OTDs now!
Hahaha I think boyfriends who help to take OTDs are quite noble because they are often scolded if the OTDs do not turn out nice. :p


4. Brown Sugar 
106 Curlewis St
Bondi, NSW 2026

We headed to Brown Sugar for dinner! :)
It's located near Bondi Beach! 
The restaurant is relatively small, and it can get quite packed so you are advised to call and make a reservation before heading down! 

 Their menu in hard copy and on the wall!

Hihi!! ^^ 

Glen must be thinking "Not again...." hahahhaa. 


I think the size of his eyes are twice the size of mine? :'( 

Ho dee dummmm. 

First dish!
Australian mussels with white wine, tomato and chilli sauce.
This is YUMMMYYY like really really yummy haha.
I love mussels (and clams or oysters) so imagine the smile on my face when I saw this hehe. 

The mussels were soft and juicy and the sauce complemented the dish so well. Thumbs up for this (Y)!

This was our main!
Chargrilled tasmanian ribeye with broccolini and grilled herb potatoes. 
I think we ordered 500g and they helped us to separate into two portions!

Medium rare beeffff. 
Even though Glen said they cooked the beef to perfection the previous time he came here and he was kinda disappointed with the beef this time round, it was good enough for me hahaha. ;)

And the super duper amazing grilled potatoes!!
It is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
There's a flavor to it that both Glen and I couldn't deduce what it was, but it just tasted sooo familiar! 

Let's do dessert platter!
This is in collaboration with good food month in Sydney. :)
We saw many customers walking in and ordering this dessert platter! 
It comes with a chocolate fondant, mulberry ice cream, poached pear, lemon sorbet, chocolate truffle and passionfruit jelly.

 Ooooooooohhhhhhh. Hehehe. 

Chocolate truffle! 

I like the poached pear very much! 

It was a satisfying and happy meal for our tum tums! :) 
If you want to read more reviews on this place, check out 


5. Westfield Bondi Shopping Centre
 500 Oxford St, Bondi Junction
NSW 2022

It was date day with Glen!
We headed to Westfield Bondi Shopping Centre to catch a movie and do some shopping.

There was 40% off Sunglasses Hut if you had the discount voucher so I headed down to get my first pair of Raybans! 

Anyway, sorry I totally forgot to take some pictures of the shopping centre so I googled for some images!

They have a high end section with various high end brands like Chanel etc! 

OTD for that day!

Top: TCL Vivi Basic Tee in Polka Dots 
Bottom: *Premium* TCL Matte Leather Pants in Black (Upcoming!)
Outwear: *Premium* TCL Leather Biker Jacket in Black (Upcoming!)
Shoes: LB
Bag: Balenciaga

I think black on black will never go wrong!
Love how my biker jacket seems to complement almost all outfits!

Note the details on the jacket, like quilted back and the side zips.

Glen and I watched About Time!
It's a lovely, lovely movie. :) 


6. The Grounds of Alexandria
Building 7A/2 Huntley St
Alexandria NSW 2015

The first time when I went over to Sydney, Glen brought me here as well!
I have been wanting to go back ever since and we made a trip down on Tuesday, before I flew off on Wednesday!

FYI, the wind was super strong that day and their wind speed was 60km/hr hahaha. 

I really like the interior design of the cafe!!
How I wish Singapore had such cafes as well. ):

There were quite a lot of people that day, so we took a stroll around the courtyard outside.  

And this is Kevin Bacon the pig!
If you are a fan of Kevin, I am sure you would have known that some people stole Kevin and a goat away from Grounds, and the police were involved in searching for them! :( 

Thank goodness they were found!
The support for Kevin is just amazing hahaha. 

I think an interview and photoshoot session was going on! 

He is so cute hahaha. 

After waiting for 20 minutes, we were seated!

We were seated inside this "Research Facility" room.

Glen oozing some Sunny Wang vibe? Hahaha someone on my ASKFM commented that Glen had a Sunny Wang vibe! I had to google to see who was Sunny Wang because I am kinda out of touch with Taiwanese dramas already. ><

And me just radiating the same Bertilla Wong vibe loll.

 Grounds's chocolate milk shake!
And you know that it is super good because they specialize in making chocolate milk shake hahaha.
They only have chocolate milk shake on their menu!! :(

Poached chicken breast with pickled celery, tender stem broccoli with radicchio and dukkah dressing!
When I first ordered it, I only zoomed in on the words "poached chicken breast" and didn't think that it would come with soo much vegetables hahaha.

The chicken breast was tender!
But the vegetables were way too much for me. :'(

Prawn linguine with saffron and tomatoes!
This was gooood. :)
The taste of the prawns was quite heavy tho!

Glen's Grounds's burger with fries!
The meat patty was succulent and the cheese was oozing out of the burger hehe.

Finally a proper table shot!
I didn't finish the poached chicken breast because the vegetables were too much for me haha

We were too full for desserts, but I couldn't resist taking some shots of the pretty cakes and tarts!

I'll be sure to try this next time! :D

Lemon meringue! :)

The decor of the place is seriously damn amazing!

I was shivering in cold when I took off the biker jacket to take this otd hahaha.

Dress: TCL Strappy Back Dress in Off-White (Upcoming!)
Shoes: LB
Bag: Balenciaga

The unique thing about this dress is the pretty backk!!! :) 
This dress comes in apple green, berry and off-white!
Coming to you really sooooon.

Watch out for sneaks on facebook soon for these pretty pieces!
It is part 1 of our year end series. :)

 Oh yay I am finally done with the post!
Took me quite a while to get the post up hahaha.

So I won't be seeing Glen for a few months but I'll look back on the photos we took and look forward to our long trip in February!

This is for you dah! I love you. :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their public holiday break! :) 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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