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So last week I was a happy girl because Glen came back and surprised me!!
Haha he actually pretended to be upset with me the night before and the day itself to keep me from this surprise!

My mum and Bree were both in on the surprise except for imagine the look on my face when I saw him at my door?! I was actually screaming at him (literally) for making me feel so horrible for 1.5 days but haha after seeing him of course I was super happy and so all those didn't matter! Hehe.

 Happy Glen with the lovely bouquet which he bought for me hehe. 

Happy me hehe. Glen really pampers me soo much hahaha. 

Roses in really pretty shades of cream and pink, with cute crown decorations! Hehehe.

But anyway, I was working on Glen's birthday card for the past few nights before he came back to Singapore! He's a huge fan of Liverpool, so I wanted to do a birthday card that was related to Liverpool!

I must confess that this design is not my own, I googled and found the card selling on etsy, but I decided to handmake this myself! 

Here's the end product!! Quite proud of myself HAHA. It takes about 3 hours to do this!

Materials you need:

1. Tracing Paper
2. Printed Liverpool Emblem and T-Shirt Design (on A4)
3. White Card Paper
4. Red Paper 
5. Super sharp pen knife (You can get the pink ones from Artfriend)
6. Cutting Board 
7. Determination and tons of love 

So firstly, you'll need to trace out your printed designs onto the tracing paper, to trace it on the white card!

After tracing on the main card itself it should look like this! If the lines are faint, just go over them again so that you can see the lines clearly.

I just had to take a picture of this hehehe. comes the tough part! You'll need to use the super sharp pen knife to carve out the design.
I made a mistake and bought a paper which was way tooo thick haha. Took me eons to carve out the design! Try to get a lighter gsm paper instead, but not too soft if not the card will be too flimsy!

And tadahh!! Also, I'll like to suggest for you to carve it inside out instead, meaning on the reverse side so that the cut outs will be cleaner. This means that you'll have to trace the reverse design on the inside of the card so that you can carve it out from the inside! I noticed that the cut outs were not clean enough boo. Perhaps I had used a paper that was too thick. :( 

 The red paper is to be placed underneath it so that the colors of the liverpool emblem will show nicely! Hehe.

You can see that the cut out is not very clean. :( But I tried my best hahaha.

Cut the red paper to fit the first page and glue it underneath!
You can also change the design accordingly.
Good luck if you are intending to make a card like this! :D


 Heheheee. <3 We didn't really get to spend much time together this time because I was busy with launches etc. :( Booo. But it's okay! We'll be spending time together in Oz next Feb! Hehhh.

We had dinner with his bros (hahaa) at a supposedly popular zi char place near NUS! :) 

Shrimp fried riceeee.

THIS IS SUPER GOOOD. I think it was chicken!! (or pork hahaa)

Another popular dish, salted egg calamari! :)



We also visited the affordable art fair! :) 
It was my first time at the art fair and while I am not really an artsy person haha I thought some of the pieces were really nice!

No guesses on why I was attracted to this haha.

More hot air balloons!! :) 

   And one of my favorite cities, London. :)

Colorful art pieces to brighten up your place! 

Boy and girl sculptures! 
I thought this was really cute and pretty. 

More adventures to come dah! :)

 My OTD for the affordable art fair! 

Top: F21 
Bottoms: ASOS

 Close-up of the details! Loveeee this jacket so much hehe.

Spamming more OTDs since I took so much hehe.

Glen and I went for Chic Kiss Love launch on Saturday! If you haven't heard, TCL has a rack there too!

Chic Kiss Love Store
2 Kallang Avenue, CT Hub
11am - 8pm daily 

Our racks at CKL!

 Do go down and support if you are nearby okay! ;)

Met Mas, an NUS friend there too! We should really meet up with the rest of the NUS gang too heh.

With pretty Franc! :)

With Glen! Even though he doesn't like to go for such events he still accompanied me to work / events. So lucky to have him. :)

With Franc and Jiawen, owner of CKL! 

 Group picture hehehe.

And that concludes our short 4 days which we spent together. :(
These lyrics below are from one of our favorite songs from Mindy Gledhill! 
I love you dah and thank you for everything you have done for me. :') 

 Okay, off to dinner now!! Oh, if you haven't seen my post on IG, I'll be holding a flea with  Bree, Melody and Constance at our office next week to sell our personal stuff!

Look out for details soon! :)

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