9:32 AM

Short OTD post ahead! :)
Was taking photographs for my selling post on the blog and dug up some old items hahaha. 
Yeap first selling post coming up soon!
But I think I won't be able to take photographs of all my selling items (it is way too many) so I might consider setting up a stall at..TCL'S OFFICE HAHAHA.

Will you be keen to come down to purchase our brand new/ worn items? :p 
Let me know pleaseeee! 

Top: F21
Bottom: F21
Shoes: Buckle Up Suede Booties in Taupe (Coming up in tonight's launch!)

Trying to go all retro here BUTTT obviously I failed haha.
Bree says that I can't wear sunglasses at all. :'( 


Another casual OTD for Saturday!
Met a lovely customer Sihoon! :) *waves*
It's nice to meet customers and getting to know them hehe. 

Top: *Premium* Tweed Box Top in Blue (Coming up in tonight's launch)
Bottoms: Bershka
Shoes: Mitju
Bag: Balenciaga

Close-up! :) 

The lighting was very baddddd I tried my best. :'( 

So comfy hehehe. 

New launch up tonight!
Sneaks are also up on facebookkkkkk so check it out now heeee.

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