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A mini OTD post for today! :) 

When I saw the floral romper and the cutout boots I was literally jumping for joy!! 
I have been finding the boots since FOREVERRR hahaha.
It's retailing on websites like Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal etc for at least SGD 100!
So this is definitely a steal on TCL. ;) 

Romper: Floral Skirt Romper in Navy Florals (Upcoming!)
Shoes: Cut Out Ankle Boots in Black (Launching tomorrow)
Clutch: Glitz and Glamour Lasercut Clutch (Launching tomorrow)
 Super major love for this ensemble and our premium leather biker jacket because you can really pair it with rompers, dresses etc!! :DD 

Took many shots for this OTD because I love my outfit so much! So please pardon me if I spammed too many photos hehee.

My flowy floral romperrrrr hehehe. 


Clutch is also coming up in our mini launch tomorrow! :)
Our apparels launch should be launched on Thursday hehh.


A close-up of the buckle and cutout details! :)

 And it's Xmas over in our office building! They set up a mini Xmas tree in the lift lobby! Hehehe.


Wore our first manufactured weaved denim top out on Saturday with our superb crowne skirt! :)
Hehehe. We have had a couple of emails from customers saying that they love the top and the material of the skirt. :') Love it when we receive emails complimenting our items. <3 <3 

Shoes: Madden Wedge Sneakers (Launching Tomorrow)
Bag: Balenciaga

Close-up! :)

And...this wedge sneakers which everyone has been asking about!! :)
It's made of leather and suede, which is different from our previous suede wedge sneakers!
Comes in cream and black! Pricing is higher for this because the cost is higher tooo. :( 
I like this design better because there is a contrast between the leather and the suede material!

 Bree took some selfies for me hehehe.

 And some with her tooo! :)

 Act cute us LOLLL.

And...Bree and I headed to town for dinner after that!
You'll realize that I am wearing a different necklace here hehehe because I saw it at the suppliers' and decided to wear it immediately!! Wooh! :D

IIf you are interested to purchase this, I am selling it on my blog! :)
Pricing is $30 mailed with normal postage, $32.24 for registered postage!

Email me at bertillawong@gmail.com with subject header "Cobalt Blue Necklace"!
I don't have many pieces of this so it'll be in limited pieces okay!

Alright off to dinner!
Full sneaks are up on facebook and I am actually quite proud of myself for doing up our main banner this time LOLLL.

Be sure to catch our launch tomorrow yaaaa!!

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