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About two weeks back we had our TCL team dinner because Bree was going to have her braces done the following week and she really wanted to have good food before that! 
We haven't had a team dinner in a long time too so it was nice that almost everyone could make it! :)
Our TCL team has been expanding bit by bit and it's always sad when someone has to stop work due to school / moving on to other jobs. :( 
Without these girls there will be no one packing the orders / steaming clothes for shoots / doing miscellaneous stuff / stocking in items for racks etc! 
Really thankful to each and everyone of them from the oldest batch (Janelle / Xinmei) to our current batch of pixies now!! Hehehe. :) 

Trying out a new YSL lippie here! :)
It's my first time trying out a YSL lipstick and I must say that the color goes on really well and it's long lasting too! :)

Took a selfie in the office when I reached hehe. 
The shade of this lipstick is Rouge Pur Culture in shade 26! :) 

Cons bought us Tokyo Banana from Tokyo!!
This is the caramel flavored one and it's pretty yummy.
Thanks Cons! :)

And our dear pixie Huiee bought us Jenny's biscuits!! Teehee she said that she queued for about an hour for these! Thanks cutiepie!! :p 

Delicious cookies in butter and coffee! :) 

Off to Mookata we went! 

TomYum Kungfu
16 Circular Road 

Joce reached the earliest and she told us that we had to wait 45 minutes for a table...(oh god) hahaha so we whiled time away by taking photos! If you are heading there on weekdays, you can call for reservations! 

Bree and Janelle! :) 

The following series of photos are in black and white because the colors / lighting are too awful. :( 

Say hello to Huiee who has her signature "cheese" pose which you will see later HAHA. She's always super hyper in the office for I-dont-know what reasons!!

 Power all-in-one Steph and Huiee!! 

Smallest among our team - Jocelynn!! 

 Wheeee. All of us are dressed in TCL muahahhaa (y).  

 Thankfully, we managed to get seats after about 20 minutes or so!
The interior of the restaurant is pretty cool, but it is terribly smoky inside.
It is air-conditioned inside though, so it is not too bad? But you'll definitely reek of smoke when you leave the place haha. 

I am sorry but I forgot to take a photo of the menu. :( But anyway we ordered the steamboat set which was around $45. One set was pork and one set was chicken! 

We took more photos while waiting for the food to arrive! Missing Xinmei and Sab for our dinner. :(

These drinks are super yummy. They are honey lime juice with jelly! 


Our set came with Mama noodles! :) I think the noodles was one of the best parts of the steamboat because it added more flavor to the soup. 

The special thing about mookata is that the juices from the meat will flow down into the soup and the soup will taste really good! :) 
Janelle and Huiee busy adding the noodles and cooking the meat. ;) 

So you'll add the flavoring into the soup...

 And get yummy noodles and soup! :D

I helped out too! But meat wasn't very cooked so I gave up cooking for them and cooked for myself instead, just in case they get a tummyache hahaha.

 Steph and I! :)  

Huiee with her signature "cheese" pose hahaha. ;) 

Happy us! :)
I really like this restaurant for the flavorful meat and sauce haha.
Will recommend this place to those who want to try out mookata! :)

And the girls were still not full after all the amount of food they off we went for desserts at TCC! :) 

No names for the items ordered but they looked and tasted pretty good!

 Just look at Huiee in the background hahahahaaa. This happens all the time (almost)!

 Another group picture! It was really a gooood night hehe. Can't wait for our Xmas / CNY dinners too! :)


Here's my OTD for the dinner!

Top: *Premium* Roses are Gold Peplum Top (upcoming!)
Bottom: *Premium* TCL Matte Leather Pants in Black

My TCL pants are really good to match with any outfit!! Love it to bitssss. 

Close-up of the pretty rose gold details! :)  

I am wearing S size for this top and it is slightly loose on me! 

Joyous Fur Tote is OOS on our website, but we have it available in brown! :)

For our next collection, we have plenty of shoes / sandals to be launched! :)
If you are a sandals lover, you'll definitely need to check out our launch haha.

I'll post more sneaks on the blog soon!
And also, we'll be giving away 3 really awesome "Tofu Pudding" portable chargers from Summurco!
They are superrrr cute!

More details on the blog soon! :)
Good nighttt!

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